WIKILEAKS: OBAMA’s Emails Released From His ‘Secret Address’

Published on October 20, 2016

Obama used a secret email address to transition into the White House in 2008. Prior to his inauguration, he was given a list of candidates for his ‘diverse’ administration, labeled by…

Can you guess?

If you guessed ‘Race’ and ‘Gender’ You’re RIGHT!

‘Diversity’ apparently doesn’t mean able-bodied white men.


Oh, wait, that’s not possible.

Well, ‘Gender’ is technically wrong, because there was just a list of women. (Not quite a binder full, but a couple of pages, anyway.)

A leaked email from a member of President Barack Obama’s White House transition team in 2008 reveals that if you’re white and not disabled, you are not diverse enough for the Obama administration.

The email released by WikiLeaks is from October 6, 2010 and is sent from Michael Froman to Obama. Froman was then at Citigroup and a member of Obama’s transition team. He has served as U.S Trade Representative since 2013. The subject line of the email was “Diversity.”
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You can read the attachments labeled ‘Diversity list’ and ‘Women’ here.

Note this, though:

The email dump also includes the transition from the Bush Administration to Obama including an invitation was issued to the ‘President-elect’ to attend the G-20 Summit before the final votes were cast on Nov. 4, 2008.

The attached memos also discuss how unusual it is to have the transition occur so early:

We are now at the point of deciding how to staff economic policy during the transition, who should be the point of contact with Treasury and how to blend the transition and campaign economic policy talent.

Normally these decisions could be made after the election, and ideally, after the selection of a National Economic Advisor, but, of course, these are not normal times.

But, Obama probably knew that from Hank Paulson who was Treasury Secretary:

As you have observed in your interactions with Secretary Paulson, he is apparently eager to involve you and your transition team extensively in his policy choices following the election.

WikiLeaks will be releasing more email… and not just Obama’s.

And has left this teaser:

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