WIKILEAKS: Weiner Emails Show DISGUSTING Details About Weiner, Hillary & Bill’s Illegal SEXCAPADES

Published on October 31, 2016

Every time you think their story has hit moral rock bottom… the hole gets deeper. This is NASTY stuff.

Remember the Lolita Express? Well, we haven’t heard the last of it.

That was the nickname they had for that private plane owned by a certain Billionaire who took trips to his private Island. Remember him? Jeffrey Epstein?

He was a big ‘mover and shaker’. Bill took a number of flights on his plane… unaccompanied by his security…

Epstein is now a registered sex offender. It involved underage sex. Ugly stuff ClashDaily has reported on before.

Well, if there is any substance to the source quoted in this tweet, the Weiner emails allegedly contain details about trips Weiner, Bill and Hillary took on Epstein’s planes.

We will watch to see how this develops.

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