YES: Rioting Thugs Just Got BAD News From Charlotte WELFARE Officials

Published on October 2, 2016

What if rioters faced a serious, meaningful consequence? Would they think twice about doing it? We’ll know soon enough!

According to multiple reports, city officials have announced new measures in an effort to curb the violence sweeping Charlotte since the shooting of Keith Lamont Scott. Any individuals caught rioting, looting, destroying property or otherwise reacting in a violent and unlawful manner will have their government benefits permanently revoked.

According to the local affiliate WBTC, the punishment also applies to minors who might be participating in the ongoing melee. Parents of underage individuals who are captured while engaging in criminal activities related to the rioting will be held fully accountable, and could risk losing state benefits, as well as the custody of their child.

“Parents are responsible for their children. If they are allowing them to engage in lawless behaviors there will be consequences for them as parents.” Charlotte City Official, Wilson Stewart, told reporters during the 30 minute press conference.

Source: Truthfeed

Lose custody of your kid? Permanently cut off from the government teat?

Seems a fair price for smashing up your city, burning police cars and stealing swag, don’t you think? The only question is… will even THAT be enough to dissuade them?

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