YO LEFTISTS: Before You Go NUCLEAR Over The ‘Trump Tape’ Read THIS

Published on October 9, 2016

A short message from Jeffrey Varasano:

    From the people that said you were


-Prudes for not accepting Free Love.

-Censors for not loving Larry Flint

-Racists for not loving rap stars who talk about bitches and Hoes

-Racists for copying rap stars who talk about bitches and hoes

-Islamophobic for standing against FGM and the Islamic Rape Game

-Censors for objecting to Piss Christ, Mapplethorpe’s bull whips, naked Gay Pride parades down Main Street, Sex Week on Campus, and Sex Ed for Kindergarteners

-Culturally out of touch for not thinking the Kardashians are the moral centers of the universe
From these people we are told to be shocked that men say crude things about women. And if we fail to do so we are Thought Criminals.

Oprah’s whole show was based on bashing men with no filter.

Newsflash: blacks talk about whites, women talk about men. We are not overturning our country to the, now confirmed, One World Government, as penance for our transgressions, formerly know as Free speech.

F Off

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