ALTERNATE UNIVERSE: Reporters Share Articles They Prepped for Hillary VICTORY

Published on November 30, 2016

It’s a ‘Massive Graveyard of Content’ that will make you LOL!

The Deadline waits for nobody. So when a big event can have multiple outcomes, content is often prepared for each outcome.

The obvious one is where candidates in a close race have both a victory speech ready and a concession speech. (Although the some at ClashDaily are convinced that Hillary was a no-show in part because she was too arrogant to bother preparing a concession speech.)

If you still haven’t gotten your fill of gloating over Hillary having her ass handed to her by Trump, and you are looking for new ways to keep that feeling going, we’ve found a treasure trove for you. The articles that never were.

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You can see her biggest fans (journalists) waxing poetic about the New Day that was dawning after Dear Leader’s Glorious Victory Humiliating Defeat.

Her hopes were shattered beneath the splintered glass of a broken ceiling. Or something.

But for one brief shining moment.. her devotees had hope.

As you read this, it’s funny, because you know that less than 24 hours later the people who wrote them were weeping. The Fundamental Transformation of America had come to an end. Much to their dismay.

NewsWeek (who’s partner, writing in their name shipped the “Hillary won’ issue that is now selling for $10,000 a pop) released portions of the Hillary victory columns that were sent to them and held in readiness should Hillary have won.

All the quotes that follow are excerpted from the same article.

CADY DRELL (editor for Glamour magazine, formerly Newsweek)

But what we really want to tell you is that this is only the beginning. The glass ceiling isn’t shattered until women’s success is no longer news in and of itself. The history of feminism in this country has never been for the benefit of the trailblazer in question, just as any women who today voted for Hillary Clinton didn’t do it for their own gain. Women like Clinton, and the women who led the fights for racial equality in this country, and the suffragettes before them, and the countless women whose …

JONATHAN CHAIT (writer and columnist, New York magazine)

Sparing the Republic from the whims of a twisted maniac is no small triumph. Clinton’s skeptics have already been denying credit for her expected victory by noting that she benefited from facing the least popular major party nominee in history, and that a normal Republican could have defeated her. This misses the extraordinary nature of the opposition that produced this unpopularity in the first place. Clinton has absorbed 25 years of relentless and frequently crazed hate directed at her husband, compounded by her status as a feminist symbol, which made her the subject of additional loathing. Her very real missteps were compounded by a press corps that treated her guilt as an unexamined background assumption. She is almost certainly the first president to survive simultaneous leak-attacks by both a faction of rogue right-wing FBI agents and Russian intelligence

MARIN COGAN (contributing editor, New York magazine, but this piece was prepared for

And yet: Hillary Clinton’s victory is historic—a triumph that should not be overlooked. It marks the end of centuries of exclusion of women from the nation’s top job. Even more remarkable was the way she won it: by running as a woman, who championed policies aimed at women, against an avatar of reactionary sexism. She won under politically tainted investigation, in spite of plenty of legitimate criticism, and in the face of an incredible amount of sexism. In voting for her, Americans rejected Donald Trump’s old, macho vision of leadership and embraced a new paradigm, one that values not only a new style of leadership but also a policy outlook that prioritizes women and children.

And THIS charming photo:


Source: Newsweek

Be honest. After listening to her smug voice talking down to us for so long doesn’t this feel good?

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