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For a guy who ‘hates’ women, he sure is ready to offer them powerful positions. You might even call him ‘egalitarian’.

First, Trump picked Kellyanne Conway to run his campaign, and came out looking like a genius for choosing her for the job.

Now, as he considers his team, he looks like he’s more interested with surrounding himself with the BEST people rather than any particular demographic of people.

The people who accuse Trump of being biased by race, gender or even sexual preference are just not paying attention.

Ben Carson? Peter Theil? Kellyanne Conway. He picks people based on merit, what they can contribute… not on which boxes he can tick off. And because he believes in meritocracy, Larua Ingraham’s name has come up.

Ingraham would not comment for this article. A source familiar told The Hill that she’s in contact with people in Trump’s inner circle and has expressed interest in the role.

The president-elect and his inner circle hold Ingraham in the highest esteem. They view her as tough, admire her rhetorical skills, and believe she’d powerfully convey Trump’s anti-establishment message.

Selecting Ingraham would send a signal that Trump has no interest in softening his relationships with the Republican leaders in Washington, D.C. —The Hill

In the Clashdaily newsroom, the consensus it that she would make a Bad-ass Press Secretary. Maybe you agree. Or maybe you have an even better name in mind. Let your vote count in the poll, and you can hit us up in the comments.

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