BREAKING: Comey Caves AGAIN, Lets Hillary OFF The Hook

Published on November 6, 2016

Have we been rope-a-doped?

Rush Limbaugh predicted as much, didn’t he? Was he right?

Here’s the letter, right from the horse’s ass mouth:


Or, to paraphrase the letter in more familiar terms:

We do not have federal investigations with that woman, Mrs. Clinton…

So, they got everyone to ‘turn the channel’ by baiting us with a red herring. The nation’s attention focussed on FBI investigations … ‘generally’… most not following closely enough to distinguish between the pay-for-play and the email cases, which are being investigated by different arms of the FBI.

Meaning, the Pay-for-play investigation has NOT been ‘closed’, it was never discussed at all. — Don’t let them get away with saying anything to the contrary.

The President praised Comey one day for his fairness, scolded him the next day for getting too involved in the political process, and now we have Comey announcing that we’re back to square 1.

Remember that without cooperation of the DOJ, nothing Comey does will lead to prosecution.

(Aaaaand… Lynch has been promised job security by Hillary… which she will NOT have under Trump — how’s THAT for conflict of interest? — right around the time Bill met her on the tarmac, most likely making an offer she ‘couldn’t refuse’.)

With the tangled web of potentially serious conflicts-of-interest in such a clandestine meeting — we are well within our right to suspect some sort of deal.

The bigger question is… what have we STOPPED talking about while everyone discussed Weiner?

— Pay for play Clinton machine… and FBI

— Collusion between DNC and ‘Journalists’

— Skyrocketing Obamacare premiums.

— Policy failures

— Latest Wikileaks (just like Rush warned us)
— including Hillary and ISIS paid by the same government!
— Podesta’s overall creepiness

— Hillary’s ACTUAL ties to Russia
–including multiple conflicts of interest

— Hillary’s backroom deals

— Hillary’s casual dismissal of Benghazi
— ‘post-game’

— Vote manipulation

— Paid Thugs protesting Rivals

— VERITAS Videos

You will notice, of course, that they are already building a narrative about ‘fake Wikileaks’… why? Because they probably already have an idea of what else could be coming.

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