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News Clash

BREAKING: DA Says, ‘Officer Acted Lawfully In Using DEADLY FORCE Against Keith Scott’

This is why we have INVESTIGATIONS… rather than sitting Presidents, BLM or even CNN telling us what we should believe about an open case.

The local news service summed up the relevant facts:

A North Carolina prosecutor said a Charlotte police officer acted lawfully when he shot and killed a black man in a case that touched off several nights of unrest in the city.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg District Attorney Andrew Murray made the announcement Wednesday in the shooting by officer Brent Vinson.

Vinson, who also is black, shot and killed Keith Lamont Scott on Sept. 20.

Scott was sitting in his vehicle at an apartment complex when he was confronted by police. Police video showed officers shouting for Scott to drop a gun numerous times. Scott’s family has said he was not armed.

However, Murray displayed a nearby store’s surveillance video showing the outline of what appeared to be a holstered gun on Scott’s ankle, and he discussed other evidence that Scott was armed. —Wxii12

So, for all the BLM riots and burning… for all the cries of police misconduct… for all the bile spewed at the men and women in uniform… he was exonerated.

In the name of ‘justice’ newsmakers and protesters were calling for heads on plates. But that’s now how justice works. In the name of JUSTICE… All the facts are reviewed, and a conclusion drawn from them.

So… unlike CNN’s manipulating of video evidence to scrub out relevant evidence that would support the police claims. Details like the police officers shouting at the deceased to drop the gun. (Is THAT what they mean by ‘fake news’?)

This is the way the system is supposed to work. An event like this happens that requires investigation. Authorities take their time combing through the facts of the case and see if charges are warranted.

Burning a city down while chanting anti-cop rhetoric is NOT how justice works. The race claim just gets weird when you realize that both men were black.

And since people like SOROS keep funding these jokers who whip up violence, maybe the cities that need to rebuild should include him in a class action to cover their rebuilding costs.

Share if you’re glad we live in a country where we INVESTIGATE FACTS before condemning the accused.

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