COMMON SENSE: When Dealing With TERRORISM, No Need For Melodrama

Written by Steve Pauwels on November 3, 2016

That sound of silence you’re hearing? It’s the startling non-reaction to a news-story of three white, Kansan males arrested for planning terror attacks on East African immigrants. The accused, connected with “a small, anti-government, anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim militia group” sporting the unsubtle moniker “The Crusaders”, reportedly hoped to spark a religious war by bombing a Garden City, KS apartment complex housing over one hundred Somalians.

Among their malevolent designs? “[F]our explosive-laden vehicles” targeting the “large Somali community … [including] a mosque … at prayer time for maximum loss of life.” Also considered: “rocket-propelled grenades, kicking in doors of homes … and shooting [Somalis] one by one, firing at them with a bow and arrow dipped in pig’s blood, and burning down churches that have helped refugees.” [emphasis added]

Forty-seven-year-old ringleader Patrick Stein allegedly exulted, “[I]t will be a bloodbath … If you’re a Muslim I’m going to enjoy shooting you in the head … [T]here’s no leaving anyone behind, even if it’s a one-year-old …[T]hose little f[@#!&r]s are going bye-bye.”

National media? Besides bare-bones reportage and updates, relatively uninterested. Widespread public reaction? Yawn.

This tepid response, however, should provide some encouragement for reflective observers:

(For arguments sake, let’s stipulate these charges are accurate; that the terrorist wannabes are, in fact, guilty).

When assessing the villainy of kooks like “The Crusaders”, keep in mind the current busyness of international Islamist jihadists and domestic troublemakers like Black Lives Matter.

Fiendish as it is, the Kansas threesome’s ideology can’t be traced to any recent spate of unprovoked attacks on law enforcement officials or howling, riotous mobs ravaging American cities. Their scheduled onslaught against the Somali apartment-dwellers, cold-bloodedly heinous though it be, seems a comparative rarity. Yet, actual violence against police and otherwise peaceable municipalities, fueled by those promoting anti-White/anti-cop hostilities? Accounts of that have blazed from the headlines for months now.

Furthermore, for all their repulsiveness, alt-right-type louts haven’t been storming our streets chanting “What do we want? Dead Somalis! When do we want them? Now!”; or “Immigrants in a Blanket, Fry ’em like bacon.” Certain vocal segments of the Black Lives Matter gang and/or their well-wishers, on the other hand, can boast no such alibi — after all, it’s their contemptible, captured-on-videotape sloganeering paraphrased above.

Is the “ultra-nationalist” movement steamrolling — ISIS-like — vast precincts of the planet, engulfing entire people groups, leaving sanguinary wreckage in its wake? Is it challenging the military forces of those few governments willing to take it on? Summoning bloody-minded fellow-travelers everywhere to launch deadly “lone wolf” assaults against the innocent? Are the malign efforts of “The Crusaders” and those sympathetically aligned with them executed in the name of a religion embraced by hundreds-of-millions of faithful worldwide who might eschew the bad guys’ vicious methods, but cheer their ultimate, ruthless objectives?

Sentient, honest people know the answer: The hyper-xenophobic set, even at its most alarming (i.e., this knuckle-dragging trio), remains essentially negligible; an inconsequential cabal. They’re unattractive, off-putting, sure enough, but not nation-shakingly dangerous — in stark contrast to the growing hordes of Black-Lives-Matter-style racists and militant Islamic radicals.

Nor, and probably more significantly, are thoughtful people of any skin pigmentation or creedal, philosophical or political persuasion offering extenuating rationales for this militia’s barbarity. Pretty much across the board, it’s acknowledged that purposefully blowing up apartment buildings packed with civilians is grotesque, indefensible — and I mean grotesque and indefensible in a shoulder-shrugging, but-of-course-it’s-abhorrent, there’s-no-debate-about-that kinda way.

Note: No swarms of bearded, melanin-deficient males flooded Fox News or Mainstream Media outlets to argue that mass slaughter of Somali immigrants is “harsh but necessary” or is the “inevitable outcome of our failed system”.

Note: Few, if any, “militia” spokesmen lined up to make the case in print, or on the radio or TV, that the alleged immigrant-hating passions of these brutes is worthy, even if their violent machinations are not.

Note: National security advocates aren’t vaguely hitching their wagons to these goons in order to spread the broader message of border control.

Little meaningful talk of “understandable anger” or “reaching the boiling point” has turned up. Warnings
haven’t roiled talking-head programs that the American people mustn’t “overreact to” or “paint with a broad brush” all hairy, white men.

So, what’s the story? Just that civilized grown-ups don’t need to puzzle over such matters: In a workable, law-and-order-rooted society, murderous plots targeting a community’s civilian populace can’t be countenanced, can’t be explained away into acceptability. Those who insist on pursuing such diabolisms need be locked away for a very long time; perhaps forever. Banished from the company of decent humanity.

It’s simple, obvious, nearly boring: No “revolution” justifies homicidal tactics like these. If the accused are found guilty, fearsome judgments must be handed down. Nearly everyone recognizes that immediately, including many who might share the ruffians’ skin color, ethnicity, even political or cultural concerns — but who loathe their inhuman twistedness. Thus, there was virtually no controversy, no explosive drama in the aftermath of the original report.

If, for supposed purposes of preserving American virtues, anti-social creeps brew up this kind of carnage, public well-being requires they be condemned and sanctioned in no uncertain terms. The same goes when the malefactors’ venom is of the jihadist or anti-white/anti-police variety.

In all these cases, the appropriate response couldn’t be clearer. No weeks and months of angst-ridden media melodrama needed, just common-sense steps to keep civilization functioning, and superfluous controversy reduced to a blessed minimum.

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Steve Pauwels is pastor of Church of the King, Londonderry, NH and host of Striker Radio with Steve Pauwels on the Red State Talk Radio Network. He's also husband to the lovely Maureen and proud father of three fine sons: Mike, Sam and Jake.