COMPARE: Loretta Lynch’s DOJ and HORRIFIC Plane Crash

Published on November 3, 2016

by Les Weaver
Clash Daily Contributor

This is not Bovine Excrement. If you have doubts, key in “Lauda 767 Crash”. Among others, Wikipedia will offer details about this May 26, 1991 Crash. Unlike most government of our time, we attempt to provide fact, (not spin). The result of the investigation was that every make and model of commercial airliners were reviewed and yet another level of safety installed to prevent this from ever happening again. This is contrary to government, where the intent seems to be to find a way to cover up and/or get around the exposed problem while never admitting a fault. BTW, then and now, the Boeing 767 has an enviable safety record and is the root aircraft for the newest USAF tanker.

Spin, Crash, and Burn; an Analogy.

Years back, a modern and technically sophisticated twin engine airliner was flying along smoothly when suddenly the left engine went into reverse thrust, (not just idle; reverse). Needless to say, before there was time to diagnose the problem and correct the situation, it went out of control. It began a vertical down spin, crashed and burned, killing all on board. It took more than a year to find the reason and make revisions that have assured that this will never reoccur.

I compare that to the United States Justice Department of right now. The two engines of his aircraft of law and justice are titled Investigation and Prosecution. The flight plan of the aircraft of imagination is to always provide the American citizens on board with Honor, Honesty and Integrity that always results in Equal Justice for All. Apparently Prosecution is the Left engine and Investigation the Right engine. While the Right engine is doing its job, the Left is fighting the norm of its assignment. The pilot, Loretta Lynch is promoting that if the Right engine will join the reverse of the left, all will be well.

In turn the riding public is being divided about which engine is the culprit. As public investigators, it doesn’t take a year to realize that for over seven years, the log book shows that the Left engine has been showing vivid signs of going to reverse thrust of its assignment. While a few have attempted to point this malady out, seems the pilot has had the flight crew continue to blame the Right engine. Simultaneously, the log books have been falsified. The pilot is hell-bent that even though it too will likely be destroyed in the unavoidable crash, the Right engine must be blamed.

Our country is only a short distance from a catastrophe. It is well past time to pull the license of the pilot and permanently ground her and terminate everyone that supports her findings.

Image: By Radio Nederland Wereldomroep / Fred Vloo – originally posted to Flickr as Crash Turkish Airlines TK 1951, CC BY 2.0,

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