DEAR CNN: A Muslim Named Abdul Runs Over Students And STABS Them – Is THAT ‘Terrorism?’

Published on November 28, 2016

Headlines would SCREAM ‘Trump-related’ violence if this were a Trump supporter. But… let the attacker be ‘Muslim’ and the news is reluctant to connect the dots.

In case you missed it, classes were closed at OSU today after a freshman who went berserk was shot dead on campus.

The man, Abdul Razaq Ali Artan, made what officials are calling a PLANNED attack on the campus, in which he slammed his car into a crowd of people, and began slashing people with a butcher knife. Fortunately, the only fatality so far is himself.

Here are some official statements:

Columbus Police Chief Chief Kim Jacobs, whose officers also responded to the attack, said terrorism had not been ruled out. “That’s why our federal partners are here and helping,” she said. “I think we have to consider that it is.”

Rep. Adam Schiff of California, the top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, said that while the bloodshed is still under investigation, it “bears all of the hallmarks of a terror attack carried out by someone who may have been self-radicalized.”

“Here in the United States, our most immediate threat still comes from lone attackers that are not only capable of unleashing great harm, but are also extremely difficult, and in some cases, virtually impossible to identify or interdict,” he said.

In recent months, federal law enforcement officials have raised concerns about online extremist propaganda that encourages knife and car attacks, which are easier to pull off than bombings. —USA Today

Abdul Razak Ali Artan, 18, wrote on what appears to be his Facebook page that he had reached a “boiling point.”

America! Stop interfering with other countries, especially Muslim Ummah (community). We are not weak. We are not weak, remember that,” the post said. — NBC News

He went on to demonstrate JUST how ‘not weak’ they are. He ‘bravely’ attacked unarmed college students by driving a car into them, grabbed a butcher knife, wounded several and managed exactly ONE fatality — about a minute later — himself.

Officials using the word ‘self-radicalized’ don’t account for the active senders and recruiters of the radical message, especially calls like the one ISIS made for individual men to rise up with — you guessed it — knives, and attack passers-by.

And when they start throwing around the term ‘Lone Wolf’ again? You can tell them about this:

A footnote in the article states that ISIS won’t be using the term “lone wolf,” but “just terror operations” — “just” as an adjective for “justice.” Al-Qaeda calls lone operations “open-source jihad.”

Hinting that the article is one in a forthcoming series about terror tactics, ISIS focused on the benefits of knives to help potential terrorists with the “ocean of thoughts” that “might pour into one’s mind” when considering an attack.

“Many people are often squeamish of the thought of plunging a sharp object into another person’s flesh. It is a discomfort caused by the untamed, inherent dislike for pain and death, especially after ‘modernization’ distanced males from partaking in the slaughtering of livestock for food and the striking of the enemy in war,” the unbylined article states. “However, any such squirms and discomforts are never an excuse for abandoning jihad.”

ISIS suggested a “campaign of knife attacks” in which the attacker “could dispose of his weapon after each use, finding no difficulty in acquiring another one.” — PJ Media

Wow. ISIS is free with misusing the word ‘justice’ to suit their own violent acts. Much like … well … certain American groups that run riot and burn things down every time they see a headline they disagree with.

So to recap… a REFUGEE from Somalia… with a chip on his shoulder… citing how Islam ‘isn’t weak’… slams a car into a crowd… brandishes a butcher knife… and gets shot dead.

And Terrorism ‘isn’t ruled out’.

Got it. Cue the ‘not every Muslim’ speeches in

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