Dear ‘I’m Not Voting For The Lesser Of 2 Evils People’: Here’s Where You’re WRONG

Published on November 2, 2016

Think you’re ‘taking the high road?’ Think again.

Ken Gentry‎ (from FaceBook)

The Scripture calls on us to vote for God-fearing men. We do that in the primaries. But after the populace has voted for only two candidates who have any chance of winning, we now must vote AGAINST the worst one as we move into a defensive mode.

Commands in Scripture involve not only the positive directive but imply the negative alternative. Thus, if you don’t have a good candidate to vote for, you should vote against the worst candidate in seeking to restrain as much evil as possible.

The reason I vote for the lesser evil is because I want less evil. Thumping my chest and voting for someone who is hardly in the running is not wise, for it removes one’s Christian influence entirely from the process, and even helps the great evil to win. And we have not seen an evil as great as Hillary Clinton in a LONG time.

If Ken Gentry’s name is new to you? Here’s a quick bio, with links to more info:

Kenneth Gentry – Wikipedia (

Kenneth L. Gentry, Jr. (3 May 1950) is a Reformed theologian, and an ordained minister in the Reformed Presbyterian Church General Assembly. He is particularly known …

In a nutshell… against the argument that ‘good men don’t vote for evil choices’ Kenneth Gentry offers precisely the opposite argument.

Good people actively oppose GREAT evil … and doing otherwise only removes good people from the choice between two bad options. This means that that decision between two (bad) choices will be made by worse people than the ones abstaining… to the overall detriment of the country.

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