DISGUSTING: ‘FIXER UPPER’ Couple, CHIP & JOANNA, Brutalized By Liberals For Their FAITH

Published on November 30, 2016

Buzzfeed is going Buzzsaw on a Christian Couple. Because ‘tolerance’.

Tolerance means something different to the ‘progressive’ crowd than it does to the rest of us.

Tolerance, as a word, means to accept something or someone that you do not agree with. That’s the definition we USED to know it by in plain English.

But, just like Orwell showed us in ‘1984’ Language is something Leftists manipulate to force their will on others.

Tolerance NOW means conforming to the socially-acceptable belief that the Left has told us is Valid.

These beliefs are adjusted and revised periodically, so what was correct last year might be hopelessly intolerant next.

Look at the sudden rise of Transgender issues to a position of social prominence. A few short years ago, even the LBGT movement didn’t have room for them. Now? The ‘woman of the year’ has a birth certificate with the name ‘Bruce’ on it.

This is the world we find ourselves in. And to belong to any group that does not bow the knee to this tolerance is to invite a level of personal and professional sabotage that, is generally reserved for the purging of a toppled regime, a religious (or anti-religious) inquisition, or other such ‘purges’ of socially undesirable citizens.

Chip and Jenna have a TREMENDOUSLY successful TV program.

It topped ratings of the Trump/Hillary debate.

And horror of horrors… they’re Christian. They go to a Christian Church. And have traditional Christian beliefs. (Not the ACCEPTABLE ‘Christian beliefs’ of a leftist like Obama, Hillary or Al Sharpton…)

Here’s the Washington Times explaining the ‘scandal’ Buzzfeed ‘discovered’:

“Chip and Joanna Gaines’ church is firmly against same-sex marriage,” a headline from BuzzFeed news reporter Kate Aurthur read on Tuesday. “Their pastor considers homosexuality to be a ‘sin’ caused by abuse — whether Fixer Upper couple agrees is unclear.”

So essentially, Ms. Aurthur hasn’t done any reporting to know how the Gaineses actually feel about the topic, she — and BuzzFeed — just want to drum up a digital mob against the couple.
Jumping on the bandwagon, Cosmopolitan and US Weekly followed with similar articles — all citing BuzzFeed’s thoughtful journalism.

“Given the diversity of Fixer Upper’s audience, this is a startling revelation that has left many wondering where Chip and Jo stand,” Cosmopolitan wrote. It added their pastor — who the couple dare say is a friend — has made “dangerous” and “unfounded” claims against homosexuality, and called the 2015 Supreme Court decision on the matter a “biblical admonition.”

So it’s a startling revelation to these news outlets that Christians believe that God defined marriage, masculine and feminine, male and female, and therefore man can’t alter those definitions — they’re sacred.

How is this “journalism” not discrimination? By the left’s own standards, investigating a mosque in Orlando or New York City equates Islamophobia — but trying to take down a couple based on their Christian religion? No biggie. Christians are backwards, after all, and their beliefs need fixing.

Buzzfeed, if they had any shred of decency would walk this back with an apology. We don’t expect they will, though because this is red meat for their base. And to distance themselves from THIS is to distance themselves from their own audience.

And they wonder why ‘the Deplorables’ rose up and threw the bums out on November 8?

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