ELECTION 2016: Americans TIRED Of Liberal LIES

Written by Rob Morse on November 28, 2016

Thank you. The average US citizen was smarter than the elites. We proved it at the polling place. We didn’t like the choices we faced, but that doesn’t mean the candidates were the same. We didn’t like the lies. We voted and we improved our future despite the lies we faced.

We were lied to by the US media. They told us that Trump was a loser. We believed our own eyes. In contrast, the “publicly traded media” told us Hillary never lied. We believed our own ears and knew better.

Establishment Republicans said we needed more graft and political kickbacks, just like the Socialists, only slower, and with big-government Republicans in the White House getting the kickbacks. We didn’t believe them. For the average guy and gal earning a living and paying their bills, that future seemed about as attractive as a second bite on a crap sandwich. We said “Hell no.”

The socialists said we needed more illegal immigrants to make the US great. We noticed that the poor peasants streaming across our border hadn’t made their country great, so they wouldn’t make the US great either. Well, duh. Sorry, Huff Po, but we’re not that stupid.

We were told we couldn’t let the market make jobs. Those of us who bothered to look noticed the high unemployment in deep blue California and New York. It is now a small world, and we knew people who left that non-workers’ paradise.

We were told we couldn’t drill our way to low energy prices, but instead we needed more government grants for solar-windmill-ethanol farms. Excuse me, but we know people who actually have jobs in Texas and South Dakota.

We were told that free abortions and same-sex bathrooms were the key to lasting happiness at home. That isn’t true in the real world where we live, work, and raise a family. We would have laughed, except we were tired of hearing the lies over and over.

Politicians and celebrities in their private jets told us we consume too much. We were told that global warming would turn South Dakota into south Florida. Politicians saw opportunities for new regulations and new kickbacks. We learned that well-schooled academics will say whatever a federal research grant pays them to say. We didn’t believe them.
Political elites said we needed them. That was true of both Republicans and Democrats. We had to support Hillary, or we had to support Jeb, or the world would end. We knew better. These elite politicians need us, or they are simply another overweight hack wearing a suit.

The media were as partisan as they could be. No sugar-coated lie was left untold. We sorted it out and decided we’d believe our eyes rather than believe their lies. Pity those celebrity-journalists; nothing is as useless as a slightly-used propaganda minister.

Here is my plea. Please don’t stop. The politicians hope and pray this last election was an accident. Please keep paying attention. Call BS when politicians lie to us. Every. Time.

Thank you for believing in your own judgement and seeing through the fog of lies.

photo credit: Fibonacci Blue Tea Party tax day protest 2010 via photopin (license)

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