EVEN BEFORE BUILDING THAT WALL: Ending Illegal Immigration Through RESTORING Immigration Law

Written by Rob Morse on November 19, 2016

Stopping illegal immigration is easy. We have the means, but the real question is if entrenched politicians have the will to do it. These professional politicians would have to oppose their big donors and enforce our laws. We’d have to re-establish a clear border between right and wrong. We can secure our borders by ending the lure of jobs, and prosecuting illegals who broke the law. We don’t have to wait for a wall.

Why are illegals here and why do employers want them? Employers pay illegals because the illegals will work for low wages. Hiring an illegal alien is… Well, illegal. Prosecutors know that you can’t benefit by an illegal act. That is established in law and in business practice. We’ve avoided prosecuting the employers, but every employer who pays an illegal worker doesn’t do it for free. The employer deducts the wages and benefits he paid to the illegal.

Paying wages to illegal workers living in the US is an illegal act, so it isn’t deductible as a business expense. That means that businesses cannot deduct the cost of employing illegals. Most businesses deduct their labor costs as a cost of doing business. Of course, the business can always give the illegals a non-charitable donation out of company profits. What the company does with their shareholders’ money is their business, not mine and not the government’s.

Note that the money paid to illegals comes from company profits, not out of gross income. That should turn off the lure of illegal labor. If I’m correct, then President Trump could change the IRS interpretation without legislation. I doubt Trump is that brave. He will get political pushback.

Our poor are struggling to pay the rent, but home owners rented to illegals. We’re struggling to find businesses to occupy buildings, but building owners rented to illegals. We struggle to get a mortgage, but banks lent money to illegals. They expect the taxpayer to pick up the added costs of having illegals in our society. We will see if money talks and the taxpayer gets screwed again.

Also with a single executive order, the federal government can require that states identify the legal status of welfare recipients. No ID, then no money from the feds. This isn’t coercion. The states remain free to do what they want… with their taxpayer’s money, not with ours.

Now that we know who is an illegal immigrant, let us look at their behavior while they were here in the US. Look at their driving record. Do they have moving, vehicle registration or insurance violations? Let’s look at court records. Do they have a police record of domestic disputes or public intoxication? Let’s also look at the voter rolls. Did they vote illegally? In short, did illegal immigrants break the law in the US? Prosecute them and bar them from re-entry if they broke the law.

I’d also end the H1B visa program that companies use to buy cheap foreign professionals. I’ve seen that program abused.

It will be more difficult to end birthright citizenship, but we should. Birthright citizenship means that children born in the US are citizens even if their parents were not citizens. That includes the parents who were here illegally and deliberately. Our legislators can fix that anytime they want. As I said in the opening paragraph, professional politicians left us this problem because businesses and labor unions want unskilled labor to exploit.

Sure we should put up a wall to establish physical security, but we don’t have to wait for “bricks and mortar”. We can both stop illegal immigration and welcome legal immigrants. There should be a quick, simple, affordable and legal path to citizenship.

There is one practical problem; politicians don’t have a spine. They need to borrow yours if they are to take a stand. Call your elected official and politely tell them what they should do.

photo credit: Wayan Vota Prohibited Items for Import into Tanzania via photopin (license)

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