EXPERTS SAID: ‘Latinos & White Women HATE Trump’ – Here’s REALITY

Published on November 9, 2016

Dems were confident in their ‘taco bowl’ and ovary projections. This was a slam dunk.


This probably explains why they were so VERY wrong in predicting the outcome.

Women. They HATE Donald. They LOVE Hillary because… making history… glass ceiling… yada yada yada.

That was the line they gave us, wasn’t it?

Women were supposed to be Trump’s Achilles heel. Especially educated women. Especially after those damaging tapes came out.

That’s DNC was happy to rig Hillary as their candidate. They planned to play the identity politics card again. How’d that work out for her? Turns out we’re tired of that song.

Latinos were supposed to be almost universally against him. Because of a wall.

What did the turnout say?



Realizing that black voter Trump support was somewhere in the single digits, what did his Latino support look like?

Latin women: 26% Trump.
Latino men: 33% Trump.
And … the ‘deal me in’ women crowd?

Those white women she was sure to win over?

52% …. Voted FOR Trump.

How’s Hillary going to react to this news?

Will lamps get broken?

Will her lackeys be verbally abused?

Will copious amounts of alcohol be consumed?

Who knows? All we can say for sure is that Hillary has lost, and will likely never get this close to the brass ring again.

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