HEY, COMEY: If There’s ‘NOTHING’ In Hillary’s 650K Emails, Then RELEASE Them

Published on November 7, 2016

Comey can restore his reputation with one single order: release the emails.

Gary Demar nailed it. That’s exactly what he would have to do.

If, as Comey has said, there is nothing in that email that would condemn Hillary, there should be nothing in it that the public cannot see.

After all… at least 5 foreign government agencies have already seen them, and the only people in the dark are the ones who have a right to access that information. ‘We the People’. In fact, when ‘We the People’ — by way of Congress — demanded she produce her email, she destroyed information that was under subpoena.

Apparently, that does not ‘qualify’ as noteworthy to Director Comey.

Neither do the series of questions and answers we witnessed between Gomey and Comey that exposed so much of Hillary’s testimony as, shall we say… ‘suspect’.

Has he been pressured? Or has he sold out? Were they REALLY able to sift through all that information in that little time?

Were there any emails to Hillary’s maid contained there?

There are so VERY many ways information on that server can be valuable to an investigation… not the least of it is that the public has a right to it in the first place… a right that Hillary chose to ignore.

The Clinton tactic, we will remember, is “Deny. Delay. Dismiss.”

Dick Morris weighed in on what’s wrong the Comey announcement:


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