HEY, DEMOCRATS: Quit Whining About Hillary’s Email Problem — YOU Chose Her

Written by Andrew Allen on November 1, 2016

By Deplorable Andrew Allen

Hey Democrats, Shut Up Already
I for one am sick of listening to any given Democrat preen and prattle about Hillary Clinton’s latest email problem. Card carrying members of the Jack Ass Party have been out in full force claiming:
– Hillary isn’t really under FBI investigation. One prominent Democrat, Martin O’Malley, even went to the extreme of saying it wasn’t Hillary that was under investigation – it was her server and not Hillary that was being investigated. And anyway, it really isn’t an investigation and even if it is an investigation it isn’t a criminal one. It’s some other kind of investigation.

– James Comey, despite his decades of service to Clintons Bill and Hillary, is a partisan hack who re-opened the investigation (see above) to influence the election.

– The FBI should take the unprecedented step of releasing everything they have regarding an open investigation (see the first item above) so that criminality can be determined in the court of media driven opinion instead of a court of law.

That’s the Democrats favorite word right now. It’s oh-so-unprecedented that the FBI would dare venture near Madam Secretary this close to election day. Fact is:
– It’s unprecedented that a first family would leave the White House “dead broke” to emerge wealthier than most of their campaign donors thanks to a charitable organization so financially convoluted forensic accountants can’t fully grasp its operating methods.

– It’s unprecedented too that a Secretary of State would devise an elaborate private server arrangement to handle information free from the federal laws that require public officials to maintain their official communications for record keeping and archival purposes.

– It’s unprecedented that with a subpoena received, someone would BleachBit their server instead of turning over evidence as required by the subpoena.

– It’s unprecedented that the US Attorney General and Bill Clinton would try and pull off a secret meeting on the tarmac just days before the FBI Director told the world he wouldn’t recommend the Attorney General pursue charges against Hillary Clinton.

– It’s unprecedented that the US Attorney General who recused herself from the Hillary Clinton investigation non-investigation investigation and then was discovered to be working behind the scenes against James Comey after he re-opened it.

Add in the Project Veritas videos and leaked emails showing Clinton campaign collusion with rioters, fringe radicals, and objectionable individuals like George Soros, and there’s a lot of unprecedented things happening left of center this election season.

You Picked That One
While the Democrats whine and bellyache like the always do when Hillary’s under fire, they and they alone are to blame for this. Jack Ass Party members had choices to pick from during their primaries. Democrats, you examined your choices and said “give me that one” even though you knew that when you pick a Clinton you accept all the baggage that goes along with those people.

In all fairness, it’s probably too much to ask a Democrat to exercise good judgement. Democrats are the people who:
– Insisted we couldn’t keep US troops in Iraq because we didn’t have a Status of Forces Agreement in Iraq and then went on to send a whole bunch of troops to Iraq to fight ISIS without a Status of Forces Agreement in place with the Iraqi government.

– Include in their number Anthony Weiner.

– Have built an entire political platform upon programs designed to shield voters from the consequences of their own poor judgement. Everything they stand for is designed to allow their base to make the worst life choices and to never face the consequences for those choices.

Some will fault Hillary, and rightly so, for causing all of this when she exercised extraordinarily poor judgement in establishing and operating an illegal server arrangement. Had there been no private server, none of this would be happening.

Democrat voters are also to be blamed thanks to the terrible judgement they exercised in pushing Hillary Clinton to the top of their ticket.

The Could’ve Beens
There were others Democrats could’ve picked. Bernie Sanders comes to mind. He of course never stood a chance thanks to unprecedented collusion between Hillary’s campaign and party leadership, complete with her unprecedented description of Sanders voters as “basement dwellers”.

There was the aforementioned Martin O’Malley. Between the Baltimore riots and the Maryland rain tax (yes, under his governorship the state of Maryland taxed individuals for the amount of rain their property received) he wouldn’t have won voters over wholesale. But he didn’t have an illegal server running in his bathroom, basement, or wherever either.

Lincoln Chaffee ran. Awkwardly. Every time he spoke he sounded as though he thought George W. Bush was still President and the calendars all said 2007. Chances are Chaffee’s somewhere in Rhode Island, scotch in hand and three sheets to the wind, chanting “no blood for oil” and wondering if we’ll ever capture Saddam Hussein.

Some guy named Lawrence Lessig ran briefly.

If Democrats Had Run
The one candidate Democrats could have nominated that gave me pause was Jim Webb. He would have been formidable in the general election given his background and relatively centrist positions on a number of key issues. Webb was the rare Democrat that could’ve attracted Republican voters and won the White House with an across the board mandate.

Jim Webb though wasn’t a far left fringe radical loon though, so he never caught on with Democrat voters.

As a candidate, chances are Webb would never have meet (repeatedly) with Black Lives Matter. He wouldn’t have stood on the stage at the third Presidential debate and unequivocally supported partial birth abortion the way Madam Secretary did. Jim Webb wouldn’t have made many friends in the Barack Obama-Hillary Clinton wing of the Jack Ass Party. Jim Webb would have brought a lot of disenfranchised Democrats back into the party fold and away from its fundamentally transformed state.

Where Do We Go from Here?
In 2008 America suffered the housing meltdown thanks to Democrats and their poor judgement. From the Carter-era Community Reinvestment Act of 1977 through a series of additional regulations – many signed into law by Bill Clinton – Democrats decided home ownership was a right not an achievement so they warped the economy to support it. In 2008 the consequences came due.

If Hillary Clinton wins the White House, chances are Huma Abedin will be the first consequence that will come to pass from all of this. She’ll learn like so many others close to the Clintons have, that there’s always a bus nearby and there’s always a Clinton ready to throw you under it. There will be other consequences emplaced in our future though – the kinds of consequences that explode upon us all later on when unprecedented corruption is given the helm of state.

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Andrew Allen
Andrew Allen (@aandrewallen) grew up in the American southeast and for more than two decades has worked as an information technoloigies professional in various locations around the globe. A former far-left activist, Allen became a conservative in the late 1990s following a lengthy period spent questioning his own worldview. When not working IT-related issues or traveling, Andrew Allen spends his time discovering new ways to bring the pain by exposing the idiocy of liberals and their ideology.