HEY MILLENIALS: Young Turks SLAM Clinton’s Extreme Corruption… Are THEY ‘Republican Hacks’?

Published on November 2, 2016

When Hillary and Co. have the Young Turks slamming them, her Millenial support is in REAL trouble.

There are a lot of things that the Young Turks say that we at Clashdaily will take issue with. Some who listen only to ‘friendly’ Right-leaning sites may have no idea who they are. Let’s just they’re ‘kind of a big deal’… especially among YouTubers and Millenials.

Their magnificent handling of the Wikileaks story on Clinton corruption is NOT one of them.

Cenk Uygur showed what gave him his followers in the first place by doing what journalists refuse to do. He connected the dots between the Wikileaks emails to show just how far down the rabbit hole the Clinton corruption machine really goes.

This is one breakdown that even the most cynical leftist can’t dismiss as partisan.

And his analysis of this issue is so tight that even Chelsea would be tempted to vote Republican by the end of it.

Forget the missing emails. Focus on the ones we have. That they were afraid of people catching wind of.

He connects all the dots. Who pays whom. Why it matters.

It’s about millions of dollars invested into politicians so that Billion-dollar deals by multi-nationals could go forward.

This is EXACTLY the ‘one percenter’ problem that Democrats typically march against. (Do you remember ‘Occupy Wall Street?’) And here are Bill and Hillary getting FILTHY RICH at the heart of it.

Are you SURE you want to cast your vote for her?

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