INCORRUPTIBLE: Rank And File FBI Stand Strong Against Hillary’s Cronies

Written by Rob Morse on November 4, 2016

Our laws don’t apply to government executives any longer. No one will hold corrupt politicians accountable. We have to look in the mirror before we condemn the politicians. We voted for corruption. That is “the Chicago way” that we put in office. Yet, our current crop of corrupt Socialists might be undone by loyalty and moral principles that have all but vanished from government agencies. It appears there is a thin thread of integrity that runs through the lower levels of the FBI. That thread is clearly frayed at one end. Yes, our hopes for honest government hang by such a thread.

Our laws clearly don’t apply to President Obama and his administration. Barack and Hillary can siphon billions of dollars from our taxes and send them to their domestic and international cronies. We all but told them to steal from us. That is “the Chicago way” of politics and we elected it into office twice. That is why today, after eight years, laws only apply to little people. Or do they?

Just when Hillary was making plans for her coronation, some of the little people are in revolt. It turns out that Socialist corruption is a crime too far. Some of the little people are offended. Little people like the senior lawyers in the Department of Justice who investigated Hillary Clinton said she should be prosecuted. They were unanimous that Clinton broke the law. They said Hillary should at least have her security clearance revoked. The 100 FBI agents who investigated Hillary’s security violations and her cover-up were also unanimous.

That wasn’t a hard call to make. Clinton sold access to the State Department. Clinton grew up in Chicago, so that shouldn’t surprise us.

What is surprising is that now these little people are speaking up. FBI employees must see the rampant campaign violations being used by Socialists to steal this election, and they don’t like it. These “little people” put their jobs, their careers and their pensions at risk by breaking the FBI’s code of silence. These little people must hate “the Chicago way” of corruption that much.

Judging by the size of the crowds at Trump rallies, we don’t like corrupt politicians either.

As part of a plea deal/cover up, FBI administrators agreed to destroy the laptops used by Clinton aide Cheryl Mills, and by ex-campaign staffer Heather Samuelson. That agreement was part of an immunity deal. Supposedly, the information on those computers disappeared once FBI director Comey said there was nothing to see in Hillary’s private servers. The public disgust over these insider plea deals was irrelevant. After all, what difference, at this point, does it make? The political hacks thought the evidence was destroyed.

It wasn’t.

Weren’t the political insiders surprised when FBI employees refused to destroy the laptops. The computers were not destroyed because the people assigned to do so refused to destroy articles they thought should be held as evidence in ongoing investigations. It seems the bottom of the FBI building rests on the bedrock of justice.

I didn’t expect that. I thought the FBI would act like the other government agencies and break the law for Obama and Clinton. I guess Hillary’s half million-dollar bribe through Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe didn’t extend deep enough into the FBI rank and file. Andrew McCabe was recently promoted to deputy director of the FBI. McCabe’s wife, ran for state senate in Virginia. Democrat Virginia Governor McAuliffe gave Doctor Jill McCabe a half million-dollar campaign contribution. That was about five dollars per voter in the district.

I guess the employees in the FBI couldn’t stand the smell of political corruption after all. I thank them. I hope Congressmen Anthony Weiner’s computer is used as evidence as well.

The reason this is such a tumultuous political season is that voters are tired of corruption from both parties. Like the aforementioned FBI employees, we’re tired of being lied to.

These computers retained as evidence is another skirmish in the revolt of the little people.

Fight on.

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