INVITE FROM THE QUEEN: Trump Making Foreign Relations GREAT Again … Finally!

Published on November 20, 2016

In stark contrast to Obama snubbing the Brits from day one, it’s looking like Trump will enjoy a warm relationship with our British Allies.

He’s already had a chance to meet with Nigel Farage. And now, he’s beginning his plans to meet other heads of state.

You will remember Obama’s rocky start with the British. His predecessor returned a Bust of Churchill to Britan (after lying that he hadn’t) and gave the Queen an iPod as a gift.

Donald Trump is to be invited to meet the Queen as the government deploys its “secret weapon” to cement close ties with the new American president.

Plans to roll out the red carpet for Trump with a state visit in the summer of 2017 are being drawn up at the highest levels in Whitehall.

A formal invitation for Trump to make the UK one of his first foreign stops will be issued once he is sworn in as president on January 20.

Discussions between British officials and Trump’s team are expected to begin soon to ensure that a date can be agreed for June or July next year. The Queen will also send an official congratulatory message to the president to mark the inauguration.

…Trump is already expecting the invitation and discussed his excitement at the prospect of visiting the Queen when he met Nigel Farage and fellow Brexit backers Arron Banks, Andy Wigmore and Raheem Kassam at his New York apartment last Saturday.

“He’s looking forward to it,” a member of Farage’s group said. “He’s a massive Anglophile. He was really, really keen. His late mother, Mary, loved the Queen. He said, ‘I’m going to meet her, too. I can’t wait to come over to England. My mum would be chuffed to bits when I meet the Queen.’” —The Times

Won’t it be nice to see someone treat our friends as friends and our foes as foes again?

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