LIES AND NONSENSE: Rioting Is EASY When The TRUTH Doesn’t Matter

Written by Kenn Daily on November 17, 2016

This follows the form of the regressive left; most everything is upside down or backwards:

Self-proclaimed “anti-racists” are boycotting a black-owned restaurant in Detroit, Michigan.

The reason?

The restaurant was hired by the Trump campaign to cater an event. What’s more, the black owner took a moment to pose for a photo op with Trump’s son.

Think about it. An alleged “racist” hires a black-owned restaurant while self-proclaimed anti-racists boycott the business.

It appears the “racist” Donald Trump is the anti-racist while the “anti-racists” are the true bigots.

The restaurant is owned by Chef Don Studvent. His website claims the business offers “Well-prepared dishes ranging from grilled shrimp, salmon and chicken to blackened or deep-fried catfish.”

The restaurant is located at 19416 Livernois in Detroit, Michigan.

The boycott is typical left-wing lunacy. Blacks are encouraged to avoid a business. The business is demonized as racist (or “Uncle Tom”). When asked to justify the allegations, the left replies, “The business is obviously racist because it has no black clients.”

Efforts to demonize Donald Trump as a racist, however, seem to be falling short. White voters supported Trump’s candidacy, but their support was only slightly more than given to Mitt Romney in 2012. Media fear-mongering of a “white lash” was proven wrong. What’s more, fewer non-white voters supported Hillary Clinton in 2016 than Barrack Obama in 2012.

• Allegations of Trump’s white racism were again proven false when the president-elect vowed to provide inner city children with vouchers, allowing them to attend high-quality private schools.

According to, “Donald Trump wants to implement school choice programs in all 50 states that will allow students and their parents to pick the school that works best for them, and the money to pay for it will follow the student, not the school bureaucracy.

“If we can put a man on the moon, dig out the Panama Canal, and win two World Wars, then I have no doubt that we, as a nation, can provide school choice to every disadvantaged child in America,” said Trump in a Sept. 8 speech in Cleveland, Ohio.”

Somehow the media overlooked Trump’s determination to bring workable solutions to the most vulnerable black Americans; their children.

The proposal calls for using $20 billion in federal funds to incentivize the states to start (or expand their existing) school choice programs, reported.

From there, “if the states collectively contribute $110 billion of their own education budgets toward school choice,” said Trump, “on top of the $20 billion in federal dollars, that could provide $12,000 in school choice funds to every K-12 student who today lives in poverty.”

The notion that a racist would advocate quality education for black children is, of course, absurd. The media remain unmoved. They continue to demonize Trump as the racist who wants to build a wall to protect black jobs from low-wage-earning illegal aliens.

• Undeterred, the media continues to propagate the myth that Trump has it in for non-whites. News stories proliferate the notion that non-whites, Muslims, and women are cowering in fear after the November 8 election.

Most notable, perhaps, is Indri Nooyi; the Hillary-supporting, far-left CEO of PepsiCo.

Nooyi went on record claiming “Our employees were all crying” after election results were reported.

All of them?

It’s hard to imagine that all of Pepsico’s 263,000 employees were crying. Our guess is that about half of Pepsi’s American employees actually supported Donald Trump.

Nooyi, like the media, was not deterred.

“And the question that they’re asking, especially those who are not white, ‘Are we safe?’ Women are asking, ‘Are we safe?’ LGBT people are asking, ‘Are we safe?’ I never thought I would have to answer those questions.”

Her remarks were made to New York Times columnist Andrew Ross Sorkin.

• Unable to document allegations of racism against Trump, some have taken to creating their own racist hoaxes.

Two students were video recorded vandalizing a chapel at Northwestern University. The duo is accused of spray-painting swastikas on the chapel’s walls along with obscenities and “Trump.”

After their arrests for hate crimes, it was reported the two were Jewish and leftists.

• An anti-Trump campaigner was tackled while addressing a group of protesters at Ohio State University. It was widely reported that Tim Adams was attacked by a Trump supporter. Adams, however, dropped the charges after it was revealed that the assailant was, in fact, an anti-Trump backer of Hillary Clinton.

Why was Adams attacked? No one seems to have an answer. Likewise, why is the far-left accusing Trump of racism when, in reality, he is an advocate for all Americans, regardless of race. No one seems to have an answer.

photo credit: megadill Anti-Trump Protest in Los Angeles, California via photopin (license)

Kenn Daily
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