LIKE IT OR NOT, Barack Obama Won On Election Night, Too

Written by Andrew Allen on November 13, 2016

Remember all those breathless news items from months past that claimed the Republican Party was imploding. That the GOP’s continued viability was uncertain. In fact, the way the pundit-class talked, if one didn’t know better one would have expected 2016 to usher in one-party state America. Not that the liberal media elites would mind a one-party America provided the singular party was their own jack-ass party.

We of course are – unfortunately – a two-party state. “Unfortunately”, because I’m one of those people that would like to see a viable third party or two and maybe a fourth with regional influence as well. For now, we’re a two-party country. One of the two parties won big on election night. The other is tattered and torn the way the GOP was supposed to have been after a Hillary Clinton victory. Even so, Barack Obama won big.

Clinking of Champagne Glasses
Chances are Barack, Michelle, and Valerie broke out the bubbly and clinked glasses when the 2016 election went for Donald Trump. Sure, it was probably a bummer having arranged a bunch of voter fraud and all the rest. But still, with Donald Trump moving into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and Hillary Clinton crawling back under the rock Clintons live under…

“A toast to me,” maybe Obama called out, “the highest ranking Democrat in America.”

That’s Right…With Hillary Out of the Way…
As a twice failed Presidential candidate still under FBI investigation and with more baggage than a Southwest flight to Vegas, Hillary Clinton is all set to fade. The Clinton-era, is all but over. Yes, there is speculation that Chelsea might emerge to run for Congress. (I predicted had Hillary won that Senator Gillibrand would have been given a cabinet position so Chelsea could have been appointed Senator from New York). That would make Chelsea one among 535 (counting the House and Senate together). She could easily slip into anonymity on the hill.

Assuming she could ever make it through an election. Chelsea doesn’t carry her parent’s baggage. Hers, at least as it is known today, is akin to a carry-on. Comments like “I can’t care about money”, made as she raked in $600,000 a year freelancing for NBC while buying wedding dresses and who knows what else with Clinton Foundation cash, would come back to haunt her. In any case, she’d have to make it to an election first.

Enter from stage left, Barack Hussein Obama. Now that the Clintons are out of the way and he soon will be unencumbered with his Presidential duties, Obama will emerge as the Democratic Party power broker – no doubt with Valerie Jarrett there at his side.

photo credit: Wa-J Barack and Michelle Obama via photopin (license)

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Andrew Allen
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