LMAO: Michelle’s Designer Vows To NEVER Dress Melania – Are You GLAD?

Written by K. Walker on November 19, 2016

Michelle has been touted as a ‘style icon’. We’re glad that THAT era is over.

Designer Sophie Theallet is calling for designers to refuse to dress Melania.

Sophie Theallet has vowed not to dress Melania Trump when she becomes First Lady and urged other designers to follow her example.

Speaking on behalf of her brand, the designer tweeted a damning open letter in which she said they ‘will not participate in dressing or associating in any way with the next First Lady’.

Citing the ‘rhetoric of racism, sexism and xenophobia’ of the president-elect’s campaign, she ruled out ever working with Melania – despite not having been asked.

While she is not a household name, Sophie has dressed Michelle Obama numerous times over the last eight years as well as celebrities including Alicia Keys and Kim Kardashian.
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In her open letter, Theallet states that, ‘our bottom line isn’t just about money’ and that ‘Integrity is our only true currency’.

Read the condescension here:


Here are some of Theallet’s designs on Michelle Obama:



Here are some of the other questionable outfits that Michelle has worn over the years.

When she thought she was a rock star:


When she thought it was ‘Hammer time’:


‘Rasing awareness’ for the plight of the octopus:


And whatever the hell this was:

Once the temporary blindness wears off, here’s a sample of Melania’s best outfits throughout the campaign.

Melania side by side with Heidi Klum

The elegant RNC dress:

The famous ‘Pussy Bow’ at the Second Debate:

Twisting the knife a bit by rocking a white Pantsuit when Trump gave his Victory speech:

It looks like Melania’s doing fine on her own.

Sophie’s got a tough decision to make: (we’ll call it ‘Sophie’s choice’,) to dress the new First Lady, one that is already the style icon that she wishes Michelle had been, or be left in the dustbin of history along with Michelle’s fashion sense.

Oh, and Sophie?

If your ‘designer boycott’ on the new First Lady takes hold, she knows someone that will keep her well dressed.

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