LMAO: The Pics Used To Make This Mosiac Of Trump’s Face Will Make You HOWL

Whoever thought to do this just won the internet! You’ll LOVE it… unless you voted Hillary. Then you’ll DESERVE it.

You’ve seen these mosaic pictures before. Stand further away, and you see a picture of some celebrity, or landmark, or sunset, or.. anything, really. But look a little closer and you will see hundreds of smaller pictures — possibly related, but not necessarily — that have the right combinations colors in them to make one small tile of that bigger picture.

They made one of those with Trump’s smiling face as the big picture.

That’s pretty cool, right?

What makes it AWESOME is WHAT little pictures were used to make up his picture. This is the nonviolent political equivalent of drinking from the skulls of your enemies.

Curious? You know you are.

Take a look:


This is LITERALLY Donald Trump’s smiling face made out of… as in ‘composed’ of… the crying faces of his adversaries.

Why is it poetic justice? Becuase without the everyday crying wolf of these self-important boneheads for the last, well, generation? Without THAT, maybe we wouldn’t be so very sick of and immune to the endless attacks of the Left. So sick that we just ignored them and voted for whoever the hell we pleased.

And it pleased us to vote Trump.

And by the look of his face? It pleased him, too.

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