LMAO: Playboy Columnist Shares HILARIOUS Anti-Trump GAFFE

Published on November 17, 2016

Shot down! Liberal woman’s attempt at ‘virtue signaling’ goes so VERY wrong.

What could go wrong, the liberal chick must have wondered? It’s a coffee shop. The lady serving me is ethnic. It’s the ultimate safe space.

No. Not only is she shot down in her statement, her conversation is being raised to the national conversation as a REAL example of the subtle racism that comes so naturally to Leftists.


Here’s what said, as tweeted by Comedian and Playboy columnist Bridget Phetasy:

What’s the matter? Did a non-white person voting for Trump disorient you? Maybe not everyone spends their life watching MSN or reading Huffpo and Mother Jones. Maybe not all people who LOOK the same THINK the same.

Shocking? We know. Hard for a liberal to accept? We know that ALL too well. But think of this conversation as a gift. Here’s your chance:


… to escape the liberal ‘Matrix’, to stop seeing people as groups and wake up to the realization that people are… in fact … individuals.

Private people with private beliefs, hopes, dreams, ideas, property, goals.

In short… everything the Left tries to dissolve into amorphous voting blocks of greed and grievance.

If you wake up to the fact that seeing people as tribes who can or should make decisions based on melanin content in their skin, or the estrogen levels in their bloodstream IS the racism or sexism you are told to hate…?

Then you will have just taken your first faltering steps away from Liberal group-think.


And if you didn’t? Well, just like in the movie… you will continue to be one of the faceless masses passively feeding the liberal machine.

Here’s hoping you took the red pill!

Share if it’s in little wins like this that we take back the culture.