LMAO: ‘Strong, Independent Feminist’ BAWLS On TV Because Her Girl LOST The Election

Published on November 13, 2016

Is THIS the ‘adult example’ young Millenials have been looking up to? No WONDER they’re so confused!

If you gotta cry to mourn your tainted hero losing, fine. But please do it in private. This is both embarrassing and awkward.

Millenials have coined the word ‘adulting’. She’s proven why. Not EVERYONE that’s old enough to vote has mastered the personal self-control adults once took for granted. She’s a wreck. And for what? Some sort of a travesty against women?

Watch Chelsea Handler and Barbara Boxer fall apart in front of a national audience. Listen to them chalk their failures up to sexism.

We’ve already shown stats that their beloved HILLARY was only able to pull a 1% bump in the female vote compared to Obama’s numbers. Hardly monumental. Is this a ‘glass ceiling’ probelem? REALLY? Think about it.

Women make up more than 50% of the population.

America has free and democratic elections. Take one minute to examine the flaw in her idea. Do the math: if women — as a whole — were ever convinced that ovaries needed to be voted into office, and were not concerned about any other qualification … guess what? Men simply do NOT have the numbers to stop them.

What does that mean? It measn that political patriarchy is a myth and the glass ceiling is a lie.

Hillary took the female vote for granted. She never bothered to EARN it. She tried to guilt women into voting along gender lines. [Which is a funny position for a party who buys into non-binary gender definitions to take.]

Do you know what ELSE that means? This election has actually been good news! Women did have their say! Not just this election, but in EVERY election since they got the vote.

Real women had their say. Empowered women had their say.

They looked at their options and spoke out in the voting booth. They said something like this:

It isn’t enough that ‘ovaries’ be made President… we need a woman of substance. She has to be the RIGHT woman. A woman with the RIGHT ideas. With the RIGHT plan. A woman whose personal story I and my daughters can be proud of. There are many such women. We will eventually elect one. But we’re still waiting for the right one to come along. And Hillary DEFINATELY ain’t her.

Maybe they’re waiting for a woman who trust the will of ‘We the People’ enough not to get caught cheating her way through her own party’s primaries? Or to have her name synonymous with lying?

Yeah, that might be a start.

Share if public confidence in leader takes something MORE that identity politics.