LMAO: Worldwide Poll Shows Trump LANDSLIDE Win

A website touting itself as ‘We the OTHER people’, has set up a worldwide poll to see how people from other countries would vote in the US election if they could. It’s looking like bad news for Hillary… has set up this straw poll and the results are fascinating.

Here is a graphic of the results:


Remember all those crybaby celebrities that said they would move to Canada? Do they still want to go to Canada? Looks like it’s Trumpland North up there.

Mexico, unsurprisingly is voting the status quo and Hillary. That makes sense. She’s not building a wall, so they will still be able to flee to the ‘Land of Opportunity’.

Take note of that weird big blue blob in the middle, though.

Hillary has the misogynist Middle East vote locked in there.

Isn’t it weird that the same countries that have horrendous human rights violations against women like Hillary?

Look at Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Somalia, Afghanistan and other Sharia-loving nations where women are punished for being raped. A Saudi woman was given 200 lashes and 6 months in prison for being gang raped.

It’s strange how countries that don’t permit women to drive cars, vote, or be educated are ok with a woman as President? #ShariaIsWithHer

It just makes you wonder, is there any Pay-To-Play reason for Hillary’s support in the Middle East?

Well, celebs, if you’re leaving, we at ClashDaily suggest that you brush up on your Quran reading… and ladies, you might want to pick up a burqa.

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