LONDONISTAN: Guess What’s The 2nd MOST Popular Name In The UK

Published on November 30, 2016

The Bard once asked ‘What’s in a name?’ But he wasn’t asking about demographics.

This time? It DEFINITELY IS a demographics question.

There are TWO details of note. FIRST will be where the numbers stand now… SECOND will be the year-over-year changes.

From the UK Mirror:


Oliver (+1 place)

Muhammed (-1 place)

Noah (+1 place)

Harry (+2 places)

Jack (- 2 places)

Charlie (+1 place)

Jacob (-2 places)

George (+ 4 places)

Ethan (- 1 places)

Henry (+8 places)

With a commanding lead over royal names like Henry, George, Charles, and Harry… and tucked neatly between first place Oliver and third place Noah is one boy’s name that stands out.


That says a LOT about demographics. What says even more about it?

Last year, Muhammed was number one.

We remember, not that long ago when Mark Steyn faced Human Rights complaints in Canada for writing a book (America Alone) that talked about that demographic shift… for quoting VERBATIM Norwegian imam Mullah Krekar. The quote involved the statement ‘breeding like mosquitoes’.

We are now seeing that SAME predicted demographic shift take place… accelerated by the massive influx of ‘refugees’.

If the trend continues, the very nation that first codified the Magna Carta and most of our modern rights will abandon those freedoms, and replace them with standards drawn from Islam.

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