MELANIA TRUMP: Make America HOT Again (Adios, Michelle & Hillary!)

Eight years of Americans cringing every time Michelle Obama steps up to scold the nation will be replaced with one of two options. Which one are YOU hoping for?

One option is more of the same. Hillary seems to forget that she has an ‘inside voice’. She’s angry, and if Dorian Grey had a female lead, she could be the ‘after’ picture.

Some people are friendly and have ‘laugh lines’ as they get older. Others have their faces stamped with far less friendly features.

Look at some of the ‘haggard Hillary’ pics out there. Like THIS one.


(Or like THIS one)

Do those look like ‘laugh lines’ to you?

Compare that to the other possibility.

Melania Trump. She doesn’t sound angry and scolding. She doesn’t have an axe to grind. She is actually… friendly? Open? Pleasant?

Here’s her recent speech.

Melania wants to ‘serve’ the country. That’s a stark contrast to the one who thinks she ‘deserves’ it. Gee, tough choice, huh?

Melania’s pleasant personality frames her natural beauty perfectly. It reminds us of more traditional First Ladies that Americans have warmly embraced on BOTH sides of the aisle.

What set THOSE women apart?

Poise. Dignity. Class.

Oh it will be GOOD to see some of those things in the White House again, won’t it?

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