PATRIOTS: Loyola University Says That ‘America’-Themed Parties Are DIVISIVE And OFFENSIVE — Do You Agree?

Written by K. Walker on November 22, 2016

Liberals post-election are showing their true colors, and it’s UGLY.

Loyola University students were pressured by the university administration to change the theme of one of their ‘Senior 200s’ Party because it was ‘alienating, divisive and harmful’. The theme that was chosen last summer was ‘America’.

Everything changed when Trump won the Election on Nov. 8.

Student government representatives received messages from a small number of students requesting the theme be changed.

The following day, the university’s Executive Vice President, Susan Donovan, emailed Student Government representatives to change the theme after allegedly speaking with several students and faculty.

Then the Dean of Students, Sheilah Horton, sent a lengthy email in the same vein. Horton argued that it was ‘insensitive’ to NOT change the theme.

From The Daily Caller:

Emails sent to student government representatives were provided to TheDC on condition of anonymity. Multiple student government representatives confirmed the emails’ authenticity on condition of anonymity for fear of retaliation from the administration…

…The university’s executive vice president, Susan Donovan sent an email to two SGA members claiming she “talked with a number of students and heard from faculty members” about the party. “None of it is positive and it sounds very alienating, divisive and harmful.”

“I encourage you to reconsider this plan in light of the legitimate concerns raised by so many,” Donovan went on to say. “We have made progress in providing a welcoming climate on campus and do we want to reverse that progress with a theme that divides us?”

Sheilah Horton, the university’s dean of students also tried to pressure students to change the party theme, in a lengthy email that portrayed the students as insensitive for not canceling the America theme.

…“Even one negative event, especially with social media can cause the campus community to feel unsafe; it can be shared with potential students which can have an effect on admissions and indeed can be the defining incident for the class of 2017,” she said.

“So, you have made a decision that in effect, has the potential to cause negative consequences for the university and even to the students whose behavior crosses the line,” she continued…

…“I was amazed and shocked at not only the reaction and lack of confidence of the administration in our class and SGA itself, but how they handled everything including some of the rude things said about our organization. It is quite disgusting how people feel and see the word ‘America’ as something that is discriminatory,” said one student government representative, who wished to remain anonymous out of fear of retaliation from the administration.

“We should see the theme ‘America’ as a way to forget political divide and come together as a country and class and celebrate all that we have accomplished. That is what ended up happening, yet we didn’t have the support of people in our class and the administration itself.”

The America-themed party was held on Nov. 18, and there were no reports of negative incidents.

Are you proud of the Loyola Student Government for not caving to the demands of the crybully Liberal administrators?

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