PATRIOTS: Trump Train CRASHES Through The Left’s ‘GRAND SCHEME’

Written by Teri O'Brien on November 17, 2016

To the shock, dismay and horror of coddled, coloring-book clutching, tearful college and even law students, air-headed, self-righteous actors, and clueless cable TV chin pullers, Donald Trump, the bombastic reality show star and real estate developer defeated the inevitable winner, the most qualified person ever to run for president, Hillary Rodham Clinton, in last week’s election. That is a generous way of describing the carnage inflicted on the Democrat party by Mr. Trump, the near death blow after years of Barack Obama’s fine stewardship. He has done for the Democrats what e coli did for Chipotle. And all this time we thought he was just “remaking” (read destroying) America!

As we celebrate what is a truly remarkable and satisfying victory for our country, we must not lose sight of what just happened, and of the tremendous (can you say “YUGE?”) achievement that Mr. Trump pulled off against all odds. He carried the Republicans on his back, producing victories at every level of government, a very satisfying in-your-face to those “Never Trumpers” and lukewarm GOP Establishment types who predicted that his nomination would be the end of the party of Lincoln. “What have those mouth-breathing rubes done to our party? How could they nominate this loudmouth know-nothing? Boo-hoo.” They sounded like they were ready to break out the Play-Doh and coloring books along with those silly, backward children on college campuses.

It is a time to bask in the glow of winning, and to thank God for answering our prayers to rescue our country from the brink of destruction. It is also worth reflecting on some of the specific takeaways from this magnificent event.

Slaying the Dynastic Dragons

Donald Trump singlehandedly ended, at least for the foreseeable future, both the Bush and Clinton “dynasties.” In a country of 300 million people, do we really need to choose our candidates from 2 (or 3, or 4) families? Even Barbara Bush knows the answer is “no.” I’m not saying we might not see a Chelsea Clinton or George P. Bush national candidacy, in fact, the latter is a certainty, but thanks to Donald Trump, we are safe for a while.

Exposing America’s Genuine “Mainstream”

For decades, the democrats, both the elected variety and the ones who masquerade as “journalists,” have attempted to marginalize you, me and anyone else who doesn’t accept their leftist views as “out of the mainstream.” Do you believe that “marriage” is the union of one man and one woman, just as Barack Obama said he did in 2008 (even though his sleazy operative David Axelrod said he was lying)? You are “out of the mainstream.” Do you believe that federal courts, including the Supreme Court, should interpret the Constitution as originally intended? Once again, you are “out of the mainstream.” Do you think that the Department of Justice has no business bullying local school districts and private businesses into allowing boys to use the girls’ locker room? Yep. You guessed it.

Except you aren’t “out of the mainstream.” YOU are in the majority. THEY are out of step, and out of touch. The media has done its best to gaslight us into believing that we are the ones who need to fall in line with the majority of our fellow Americans. Last week, real America, the people sometimes called “The Silent Majority,” showed up to say “Enough!” To borrow a sentence that we’ve been forced to hear every time Obama has lectured us for being Neanderthals who are too stupid to appreciate his brilliant vision, It’s not who we are.

Understanding The Left’s Desperation to “Remake” America

Precisely because we, those of us whose grandparents or great-grandparents were either born in this country, or were the first generation to immigrate to America, do not embrace the Left’s socialist agenda, they are desperate to change the demographics of our country by importing a lot of poor, semi-literate, low-skilled people who will have to be dependent on government to survive. That is what is behind not only Obama’s lawless amnesty, but the pedal-to-the-metal push to rush “refugees” into Middle America.

On Tuesday, November 8, real America, those of us who aren’t inclined to march gleefully down into the socialist gulag, who still believe in American exceptionalism and rugged individualism, proved again to the Left that they have an uphill battle unless they can change the people, swapping the current demographic population for one more inclined to vote for Democrats. The election of Donald Trump should have put the breaks on their scheme for the time being.

What is your favorite takeaway from Trump’s terrific victory? Please let me know in the comments below.

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