POLITICAL CORRECTNESS: It Endangers Children’s Lives … So How Can It Be ‘GOOD’?

Written by Andrew Allen on November 1, 2016

By Deplorable Andrew Allen

An Amber Alert was issued by the Baltimore Police Department a few days ago. The details were chilling. A male child under two-years of age* had been abducted in a car-jacking. I don’t know about you or where you live, but where I live when you string together “Baltimore”, “abducted”, and “car-jacking”, the pucker factor goes up instantly.

The Amber Alert had a lot to say about the car-jacker.

It identified the color of his hair.

The color of his eyes.

It estimated his age.

And it mentioned what the car-jacker was wearing. Specifically, he was wearing blue attire not all that different from what I was wearing that day.

So somewhere in a big city like Baltimore some guy with a certain color hair, certain color eyes, within such and such age group, wearing blue abducted a child under the age of two during a car-jacking. Did you notice what was missing from the Amber Alert?

That’s right.

Was the car-jacker White, Asian, Hispanic, Native American, Native Hawaiian, Arab, Berber, Tourteg, Filipino, Slavic, Boricua, or did he look like what Obama would say one of his sons would look like if he’d had a son?

The Amber Alert of course left that part out. Because in a city of just over 621,000 the only person with a certain hair and eye color of such and such age group wearing blue is the thug that just stole a car with someone’s baby still inside. Anyone in Baltimore and the surrounding region could have legitimately parked on the side of the road, made note of everyone that drove by matching that description, and then overwhelmed local and state police with “he went thataway” calls.

Speaking of “he”, it’s amazing the Amber Alert revealed the car-jacker’s gender.

This is precisely what’s dangerous about political correctness – especially when Obama’s Justice Department imposes it upon municipal police departments after rent-a-mobs descend and engage in anti-police riots. It’s not racist to state the race of the guy that just car-jacked a car with a young child still inside. It’s common sense!


Come to Baltimore. Pick a hair color, and eye color, and a style or color of clothing. Then count how many you see. Then, using the same criteria pick a demographic. Any ethnicity you want. Notice how counting a singular demographic group dramatically lowers your overall headcount. That’s how an Amber Alert is supposed to work. A very specific description of the criminal perpetrator is designed to narrow the search for the abducted victim.

Our current anti-justice climate has rendered people like the abducted victim – under two-years of age in this case – criminal, and criminal perpetrators like the car-jacker the victim. All in the name of some social justice which in the Orwellian doublespeak of the left actually means social injustice designed to replace law and order with societal disorder.

Fortunately, in the case of the Baltimore Amber Alert, the child was found unharmed. Not because of the Amber Alert though. By chance police found the stolen vehicle with not one but two car-jackers inside.

* The alert indicated the precise age of the child as well as the child’s name. I’ve rendered this vague to protect the child’s identity as well as that of the child’s family.

Image: By Bob Bobster from Honolulu, Hawaii – Amber Alert, CC BY 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=5617018

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Andrew Allen
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