QUESTION: Liberals & Islam HATE ‘Mad Dog Mattis’ – Does That Mean He’s PERFECT For Sec Of Defense?

Published on November 21, 2016

Is this guy — so thoroughly anti-pc and packing a badass resume — exactly the man we need serving in the role today?

Retired Marine Gen. James “Jim” Mattis has emerged as a strong candidate for secretary of defense, according to reports out of New York City…

…The outspoken general, born in Washington State, has a plethora of experiences in the Marines, and served in combat in Iraq and Afghanistan. His military resume was so impressive, he was floated as a possible presidential candidate in 2016…

…Mattis is seen as being very experienced with Islamic terrorists and insurgents. He once told a group of surrendered Iraqi officers that if they messed with him, he would kill them all.

This is the Mattis mystique. It’s why his nickname is “Mad Dog.” It’s also why another nickname he has is the “warrior monk.”

With Mattis, Trump supporters get an updated version of another four-star general, George Patton, the Army legend who helped drive the Germans out of North Africa, Sicily and France during WWII.

Patton was known for his salty language, his colorful rhetoric, and his occasionally politically incorrect behavior, such as slapping a soldier.

Mattis, 66, is far less controversial, but his quotes are just as compelling. According to the Daily Beast, Marines even have a Twitter hashtag for them: #Mattisisms.
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Here’s a selection:

Sounds like one HELL of a man to nominate for the role.

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