QUESTION: ‘The Media’, ‘Pollsters’, ‘Journalists’ & ‘Pundits’ Said Trump ‘Would NEVER Win’ – How WRONG Were They?

Published on November 9, 2016

Barometers in Washington registered a drop in pressure as so many ‘experts’ drew a collective gasp when TRUMP was announced as President.

They thought they had it all figured out, didn’t they?

All these Trump-hating ‘experts’?

Pollsters? What happened with that eleven point lead Hillary had? Why should we EVER believe them again?

Pundits? You didn’t have Trump surviving the Primary debates. Your ONLY JOB is giving useful opinions. What should we do with YOU?

The ‘journalists’ who actively CONCEALED stories even when WIKILEAKS, O’KEEFE, and other whistleblowers hand-delivered them to you?

CNN… who had to APOLOGIZE for manipulative editing of content to create the illusion of a DIFFERENT story.

Still trying to save face, some of them.

Like this clown:
ROVE – ‘Trump didn’t win this, Hillary lost it’

Others are out looking for work, with their corruption exposed.

Looking at YOU Donna Brazile.

Others are hoping nobody calls them on their duplicity, stupidity, or ineptitude.

What will YOU do when they hope YOU will continue to trust them?

Do you have any parting words for them?

Share if they need to become footnotes in history.

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