REPORT: Is Team Hillary SURRENDERING These Swing States?

Published on November 7, 2016

This would be crazy news even if it were ONE state. But for this many?? And for these reasons? This vote is going to be FULL of surprises!

The Hillary camp has pretty much given up on Ohio, and is near to doing the same in Florida, with North Carolina looking suspect for Team Clinton as well.

Here’s why –

First, the black vote is down considerably over 2012 numbers – numbers many of the Mainstream Media polls have been using as a template for their polling samples. Hillary Clinton was never going to get out the black vote like Barack Obama, and yet the polling firms continued to sample as if she were which resulted in Hillary polling better than she actually is.

Second, the white voter turnout is said to be up – BIG-TIME, and Trump leads among white voters over Hillary – BIG TIME.

Third, Trump continues to show well among independent voters.

Fourth, Trump is doing better among female voters than some of the Mainstream Media polls have indicated.

Lastly, Trump is doing better among Hispanic voters than some of the Mainstream Media polls have indicated. —Gateway Pundit

It’s starting to look like all the free help the media have been giving her all along, and the softball questions and the legitimate collusion haven’t been enough. Even the paid rioters don’t seem to have been enough to sew it up for Hillary.

After all of these attempts to tip the scales, it STILL ain’t over yet.

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