RIGGED: Source Says THIS About Three MILLION Votes… Taking Legal Action

Published on November 14, 2016

Would it change anything if we told you that Trump WON the popular vote? Becuase, according to this source, it just might be true.

The guy who gave us VoteStand.com (they make a voter fraud reporting app) has weighed in on the numbers for this election. And he has found a problem.

Trump was already dropping jaws with final election numbers. But if the analysis done by Gregg Phillips and his watchdog group is right, there are a LOT of people voting that shouldn’t be.

It’s bad enough that we have video evidence of Democrats tampering with the votes.

Gregg Phillips has found something BIGGER than that. Here’s what he’s saying.

Do you think THIS is an important story?

The whole point of free and fair elections is that each person with a Valid right to vote gets to vote one time. If non-qualified people vote, or some people vote extra times by pretending to be someone else, they have DISENFRANCHISED those people.

What is the point of Black people or Women celebrating that they have a vote if somebody with their own agenda can stuff ballot boxes having their vote(s) count more than a university student’s single vote? Or a plumber’s? Or a grocery clerk’s?

This is a big deal for a couple of reasons.

This doesn’t even account for the millions of unopened mail-in ballots. In races that aren’t close, they are often left uncounted. Since these have historically leaned heavily in favor of Republicans, that could mean Republican turn out (even without Mr. Phillip’s findings) exceeded Democrat turnout.

Either way, if Trump actually had the popular vote as well as the Electoral college, the cry-bullies rioting their way through major cities can pour themselves a steaming cup of STFU and go cry themselves to sleep somewhere. The people have spoken.

This could prove that the REAL motivation of the lax voter ID laws. Not that we didn’t know before. We’ve got an election official on hidden camera straight up admitting it happens, and explaining who is to blame.

We’ve had a Democrat Governor fast-tack pardons to flood the voting base of Virginia with an extra 60,000 voters just before voting deadline. (He had to use a mechanical pen in order to process all the ‘carefully reviewed’ pardons

We’ve had people accused of improperly handling the mail-in ballots.

We’ve had people calling for non-citizens to be allowed to vote — even Obama didn’t seem to object to that idea.

Should it really surprise us that millions of non-citizens should vote?

Share if THIS is why we need immigration reform… not now, but RIGHT now.