SHOCK POLL: How Americans REALLY Feel About Gun Grabbers… Hillary Will HATE This

Written by Rob Morse on November 2, 2016

Hillary Clinton says guns should be outlawed. We disagree. When I say “we”, I mean all of us. Gallop took a poll this month. They asked, “Do you think there should be a law that bans the possession of handguns…” We said no, and we said it in a big way. By more than a three to one ratio, 23 percent to 76 percent, we rejected the idea of a handgun ban. That is the strongest response the poll has ever recorded. You were not told that public opinion changed. That is interesting too.

The poll also asked about modern rifles. Gallop asked, “Are you for or against a law which would make it illegal to manufacture, sell, or possess semi-automatic guns known as assault rifles?” 61 percent of us said they didn’t want an assault weapons ban, while only 36 said they wanted it. The number of people asking for such a ban is again the lowest, and the number against such a ban is again the highest, since the poll has been run. That is another record setting shift in public opinion. We set a record but didn’t hear about it.

Note what Clinton’s unpopular gun control plans won’t do. They won’t disarm one criminal.

I noticed that this shift in public opinion wasn’t reported by the mainstream media. Ask yourself how the media would behave if the poll results were reversed. Of course they would cover the story if gun control were popular. That story would have been covered by every publicly traded news network.

Instead, the poll showed that we reject government control of firearms. That little secret would make Hillary Clinton’s gun control position seem unpopular. That is bad news a few weeks before an election.

Why does this poll matter? The anti-rights media would like us to think we are alone. They want each of us to think that we are the only person who recognizes the right of armed self-defense. We are not alone. Firearms ownership is popular with the vast majority of adults in the United States. That isn’t about hunting.

There is more to the story. Listen carefully to how the poll question was worded: “Do you think there should be a law that would ban the possession of handguns except by the police and other authorized persons?” I think that is a skewed question.

The question makes important assumptions. “Passing a gun ban” makes it sound like you’ve actually changed reality. Check your history books, but no government has, or could, stop criminals from getting weapons. Yes, you can make guns illegal for law abiding people to own, but that doesn’t disarm a single thug. “Passing a gun ban” makes it sound like guns actually disappeared. They don’t disappear at all… except from the hands of law abiding people like you and me.
I wonder what the results would be if you asked different poll questions. How about asking this:

What is your attitude toward gun laws? Check all that apply.

What is your attitude toward gun laws? Check all that apply.

__ Federal, State or local legislators should pass a law making it illegal for law abiding adults to have firearms.

__ Federal, state or local legislators should restrict the number or type of firearms that law abiding adults may own.

__ Federal, state or local legislators should remove restrictions on how law abiding adults may bear arms.


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The results would embarrass our politicians. You can count on it.

photo credit: Anuj Biyani IMG_3747 via photopin (license)

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