VIRAL: Black Woman Drops Truth Bomb … It’s NOT About RACE!

Published on November 11, 2016

Stop breaking windows, you morons, until you hear what Stacy has to say. Seriously.

You might even want to share it with your other liberal friends. It’ll help. We promise.

This isn’t a scary white guy saying this. A woman. A black woman.

[Or does she only get to be that when she’s lockstep with the ideas she’s told she must have?]

Trump getting elected wasn’t ‘whitelash’, whatever any media morons might tell you. It was Americans from coast to coast looking around them and deciding ‘I want change’.

They didn’t like how many people were out of work. Health care payments bigger than some mortgages. Disastrous foreign policy, and a woman who can’t be trusted with state secrets.

They picked the guy who promised this.

A guy who believes America really IS Great and that greatness comes from its People.

Here’s a little background on Stacy Washington.

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