VIRAL VIDEO: Watch ANGRY Hillary Chick Lose Her MIND On Cop (6M Views)

Published on November 2, 2016

What do you get when an angry liberal talks to a reasonable cop? Something like this…


Ok, let’s sum this up:

– Hillary supporter is driving to pick up her son from school
– she is annoyed by seeing Trump and ‘Hillary for Prison’ signs on a lawn
– she sees a ‘redneck’ and gives him the finger
– he follows her to get her plates to complain about her obscene gesture because he lives in a school zone
– she gets scared, doesn’t pick up her kid, and keeps driving
– she gives him the finger again, calls him a racist and spews obscenities at him
– she drives around and finds a cop
– she flags down the cop by honking, flashing her lights
– the cop pulls them both over and talks to both of them
– while waiting to talk to the officer, she calls Trump supporters racists
– she loses it when talking to the cop saying she was just using her ‘First Amendment right’ to protest his ‘First Amendment right’
– she rants about Trump calling him a xenophobic racist
– she insists that she didn’t do anything
– she tries to argue with the cop and gets her ass handed to her
– she tells the cop that she has the right to give him the finger, swear at him and call him racist, but the ‘racist redneck’ isn’t allowed to get her license plates to complain about her public disturbance

Hey, Hillary chick, if you start something, you’d better be prepared for someone to react.

It seems as though the man hadn’t been violent, or even aggressive.

He just put up political signs on his lawn.

Then this woman comes and gives him the finger, swears and calls him racist.

Liberal tolerance: ‘You can believe anything you want, as long as you agree with me’.

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