WARNING: U.S. Intel Warns Of Terrorist Attacks In These 3 States The Day Before Election

Published on November 4, 2016

Remember Al Qaeda? They’re back in the news.

While Obama makes weird speeches about the KKK (but not Hillary’s ‘friend and mentor’ Robert Byrd) Law enforcement is preparing for threats in the REAL world.

Tell your supporters whatever ‘okeydoke’ you are going to tell them, Barack. Meanwhile, the adults in the room can’t join you in fantasy land. They have work to do. Like THIS:

U.S. intelligence officials are warning about possible terror attacks planned for the day before next week’s election.

A senior FBI official told CBS News that they are warning joint terrorism task forces in New York, Texas, and Virginia of possible plots by al Qaeda for Monday.

The official did not specify which specific location[s] in the states were being targeted.

The source said the threat is still be assessed and that local law enforcement were alerted out of an abundance of caution. —DailyMail

Terror attacks aren’t the only things authorities are worried about in the lead-up to the election.

Officials are also concerned that foreign hackers may conduct a cyber attack on election systems next Tuesday as well.

To counter the cyber threat, all but two U.S. states have accepted help from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to probe and scan voter registration and election systems for vulnerabilities, a department official told Reuters.

…Cyber security experts and U.S. officials say chances that a hack could alter election outcomes are remote, in part because voting machines are typically not connected to the internet.

But the FBI sent a flash alert in August to states after detecting breaches in voter registration databases in Arizona and Illinois.

We will remind our readers that this was addressed by USA Today as recently as August. It was a BAD IDEA, and would ‘harm the legitimacy of the election itself

Recently the Department of Homeland Security has been floating the idea of declaring the election system to be part of the country’s “critical infrastructure,” thus bringing it under the department’s cybersecurity mandate. Discussing such a radical change 10 weeks out from a presidential election makes no sense. It would be impossible for DHS to set up an adequate system spanning 50 states and myriad forms of voting in two months’ time, if they could do it at all. Also the unilateralism of the approach — a decree redefining the electoral process as a computer network under federal supervision — would undercut traditional state control of elections and cut the voters themselves out of the decision.

The greatest harm would be to the legitimacy and integrity of the election itself. The threat of a rigged outcome is real, but DHS has not demonstrated the expertise to mitigate it or presented a plan for public discussion and debate. Furthermore, recent revelations of mismanagement, misconduct and low morale at the DHS-led Transportation Security Administration have not helped the department’s image.

Another site went into greater detail in this issue.

While Obama and Hillary are focussed on gaining or keeping party power, those who still remember what the ‘service’ in public service means are trying to keep ordinary Americans safe.

Keep that in mind when you hit the polls.

Share if there are enough REAL threats that Democrats don’t need to INVENT any.