WATCH: 80yr. Old Hotel Owner FORCED to House Muslim Refugees

Written by K. Walker on November 18, 2016

This is what Socialism can do for you…

Capitalism is the fair compensation for goods and services provided.

A capitalist may choose to whom these goods and services are provided.

Socialism, on the other hand, means that the government (read: ‘men with guns’) may come in and confiscate goods and services to provide ‘fair distribution’ to the people that are lacking — in this case, refugees.

Luigi Fogli had initially looked into housing refugees in his hotel willingly, but the compensation was so low that he did not find it worth his while. He has a business to run.

Socialists believe that you should embrace the same liberal causes that they do, and should pay for them out of your own pocket. THAT’s ‘social justice’. You don’t benefit from these liberal causes, the ‘wealthy’ must lose out.

The state didn’t like his refusal of the pittance offered, so they perpetrated an invasion of his hotel.

Note: These refugees are a lot of young men — no women and children that can be seen.

Luigi Fogli runs Hotel Lory in Ficarolo, in the province of Rovigo in Italy. Initially, Fogli asked about housing refugees willingly. But when he found out that he would only be compensated with seven euros per refugee, per night, he decided he didn’t want to do it.

But the government had something else in mind. Local officials forced the refugees on him anyway, against his will. He tried to fight them off, successfully for a few hours. But eventually, he was overpowered. He was said to have fainted at some point, as officials marched the refugees in.

This isn’t the only incident of its kind in Italy; government officials have been known to pull this exact stunt. The Hotel Castello in Verona, for example, was confiscated, but locals were so angry that they set up barricades to prevent it from being taken over.

Mass protests have taken place in Verona with the “Verona ai Veronesi” — “Verona for the Veronese” — movement rising as a result. Italy’s prime minister, Matteo Renzi, is a socialist who supports the refugee invasion. He promised to resign if voters showed their displeasure with his constitutional reforms though popular vote in a nationwide referendum. And so far, the voting isn’t going Renzi’s way.
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Socialists — bullying the elderly into submission.

Hey, Italy! You need a good dose of Tucker Carlson!

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