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WATCH: ‘Animal Rights’ Idiots Think POOR Man Shouldn’t Have A Puppy – The UNTHINKABLE Ensues

Sometimes animals are more human than people… and WAY more humane than the heartless bastards who would do this to a poor guy.

The video starts with violence already underway. A young woman and a young man, dressed in clean and trendy clothes are tag-teaming a man who’s obviously down on his luck.

We can only hope they will be identified, and his anguished tears will haunt their nightmares for the rest of their miserable lives.

Judging by the panicked noises coming from the puppy, it isn’t happy about the ‘rescue’, either.

What happened? These arbiters of virtue judged the poor man unworthy of a pet, so they beat him up and ran off with his (obviously distressed) puppy.

These people are heartless bastards. They are so committed to an abstract notion of ‘animal rights’ that they don’t even actually care whether they are improving the life of the animal. If they can justify their criminal act in their own mind, that is the only permission they think they need.

It is enough (they think) to justify violence. And robbery. And they dress it up in the name of ‘morality’.

That is the behavior of sociopaths.

If these two had EVER ONCE stepped beyond their privileged lives and first world problems long enough to actually get to know someone in REAL poverty there are a few things they would have realized.

First — few people on the planet will offer a more loving home to a pet than the truly impoverished. So many people shun and avoid impoverished people that the kindness an unconditional live given by a pet is one of the few real comforts in this life.

Second — and following from the first — impoverished people, because they are so familiar with need have an astonishing capacity for generosity. It is almost certain that the man they robbed, would have made sure the puppy had something nourishing to eat even ahead of his own needs… not unlike a parent’s care and concern for a child, and for some of the same underlying reasons… a motivation of real and lasting love.

Third — because of the above two points, this was not a ‘rescue.’ It was a serious blow to the humanity of another person:

— They robbed him in the ordinary sense of the word.

— They robbed him of perhaps his only friend in the world.

— They robbed him of his dignity.

— They robbed him of his humanity … because they determined he was less worthy of ordinary human rights than someone else.

You want to ‘rescue’ dogs? You think you’re so tough, you dumb punks?

Fine. Step up.

How about you show the world how tough you are and try to ‘set free’ some police dogs from the K9 unit? Or how about you ‘rescue’ the rottweiler walking around in a million dollar home. Or that Pit Bull a 300 lb guy in biker leathers takes for a walk in the rough part of town? Show us how ‘brave’ and ‘committed’ to the cause you REALLY are.

Pro Tip: You might want to make sure your insurance premiums are paid up first.

But you’d never do that. Because like so many other lefties…

You’re nothing but bullies looking for an easy mark to push around.

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