WATCH: Here’s The Soros Video Soros DOESN’T Want You To SEE

Published on November 16, 2016

Want to know more about the ‘humanitarian’ kingpin bankrolling the groups running riot in US cities? Here’s a BRUTAL video from the archives.

He’s a carnivore of the first order.

‘Soros wrote a letter to the Financial Times of London saying the Russian currency should be devalued by as much as 25%. A few words from Soros were enough to cause panic selling which fuelled the crash.

Notice the 4:43 mark where Hillary Clinton (then first lady) was with Soros in Haiti. Haiti has since been one place where the Clinton Foundation has faced harsh criticism.

He ‘doesn’t care about the financial consequences’ of his buying and selling.

Around the nine-minute mark watch his nonchalant smile when asked if he was bothered by the fact that he helped confiscate property from condemned Jews while living as a child of a non-Jewish family.

When he was asked by South Africa (Approx: Eleven minute mark) how to protect themselves against others like Soros, his answer included the phrase:

‘How to reduce exposure to speculative attack.’

[Side note: We are used to thinking of military or even cyber attacks on a nation, but we seldom discuss the financial threat someone like Soros could wield.]

You hear his amoral pragmatism when he’s asked about that answer. ‘Whether I do it, or somebody else does it, there is really no difference in the outcome. I don’t feel guilty, because I am engaged in an amoral activity which is not meant to have anything to do with guilt.’

Soros was running hedge funds based in the Antilles to avoid scrutiny from the Securities and Exchange Commission.

But at the same time was saying Hedge Funds need more oversight to stop global crises.

Because you find it convenient to avoid regulation? ‘Yes.’

‘George Soros is … in a way … Donald Trump without the humility.’

Share if Soros an amoral man supporting an amoral leftist movement.