WATCH: Hillary Zombies Wave THIS Flag As They BURN Old Glory During Riot

The Social Justice Warriors are out en masse to protest Trump’s win. But… if they love America so much, why are they burning the flag?

It was the usual rabble:

We know that some of these are the paid protesters.


Paid thugs, whiny liberals, race-baiters and the dissatisfied eternal protesters.

[Isn’t it ironic that the movement that was sooo concerned with ‘moving on’ from Bill Clinton’s sexual misdeeds and ‘focussing on issues’ is now trying to entrench the ‘bigotry, misogyny, xenophobia, Islamophobia,’ etc. and keep the focus away from issues?]

Watch the ‘proud Americans’ protesting the fairly elected President:


And here are some waving a flag proudly:


Ummm… that’s the Mexican flag.

Maybe the problem is that they don’t understand what a Representative Democracy is or how elections work.

Hey Democrats! You lost.

Yes, it hurts.

Republicans have felt the pain when Obama won.


But we didn’t cry.

We didn’t burn things down and riot.

We didn’t disrespect the flag.

Enough is enough.

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