WATCH: Liberal Chicks Are MAD At Trump – So They Show Their BOOBS?

Published on November 23, 2016

Does anyone actually think strangers will change their politics just because some chick bares her ta-tas?

Apparently this chick does. And naturally, she’s brought her friends.

You can hear how disappointed she is that she can’t display the ‘H’s she’s sculpted into her nethers because … decency laws prevent her.

Score one for the decency laws.

She went off on some weird tangents. Like this one:

Neither Marriage nor homosexuality existed back then? So Jesus was promiscuous? First, what does that have to do with Trump’s election. Second… have you ever read a book in your life?

And where did they go for their protest? Where else? Trump Tower. Becuase it’s entirely appropriate that the 10-year-old boy who lives there should have to look at angry naked feminists.

Becuase they have strong feelings about the debasement of women. So strong that they are willing to publicly debase themselves for a political cause.

This lady reporter interviewed the key figures in this ‘demonstration’ and talked to a few bystanders about whether ‘bewbs’ would change their political opinions.

Nope. Not a soul was swayed by this unleashed display of feminist ‘power’.

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