WATCH: Nugent Goes On An EPIC, Post Election, Rant That Hillary Will HATE

Good Old ‘Uncle Ted’ is LIGHTING IT UP!


A couple of the highlights:

Look at the emotion welling up in this man.

Absolutely overwhelmed with pride, laughter, joy, tenacity, and yes — a renewed sense of purpose — Nugent shoots straight.

(He’s a rocker. There’s salty language. Deal with it or don’t press play.)

You have a BEAUTIFUL Middle Finger.

We’re not done. We haven’t even begun yet. We begin now.

…We’re putting the IRS on notice.. The FBI on notice…

…Never quit. Never back down. Never give in. Never bend over…

…Reach out the Hillary Clinton zombies and try to education that there’s no such thing as free…

… We will help the NEEDY NOT THE GREEDY.

… cocked, locked and ready to rock, doc.

The Motor City Madman. The best friend and worst enemy a man or a movement could have.


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