WATCH: Reporter Shows Media Bias With THIS Trump-Hating Question

Published on November 14, 2016

Have you noticed how DESPERATE the Militant Media are to tag President-Elect Trump as Racist? There’s a REASON they do that…

Turn on almost any news program today, and when the topic of President Donald Trump comes up someone will use the word Racist.

This video is a standard example. Just because one racist supported Trump, that supposedly defines Trump and his campaign. The program’s host and her race-baiting activist writer double-team their token white Trump supporting whipping-boy.

Notice the opening question by this BBC employee:

‘The first ever black President will be followed by a President who is endorsed by the KKK.’

Not a leading question at all, right? And when he tries to show that this is a dishonest tactic. She’s just destroying an opponent, reminding them that the KKK is a marginalized group, whereas they ignore larger, more significant groups have also endorsed him like the Knights of Columbus, she tips her hand.

The Trump supporter asks if they know who the Knights of Columbus Are. ‘Ms. BBC’ snaps ‘Another supremacist group?’

This isn’t a discussion. It’s a witch-hunt.

It would be easy to point out whose living room that same Black President launched his campaign in. (An unrepentant Terrorist bomber.) But that is not a disqualifying endorsement.

If we wanted to compare apples to apples, one Lois Farrakhan both endorsed and MET WITH Barack Obama in 2008. He said so himself.


This is the same Louis Farrakhan that — in 2015 — literally stood in his pulpit and both literally and directly called for the murder of white people.

If a random endorsement of Trump by people whose ideas he has denounced is enough to ‘prove’ racism. What does Obama’s launch of his campaign in Ayers’ living room mean? What does Obama’s meeting with Farrakhan mean?

See how you can’t have it both ways?

What is this REALLY about? It’s actually pretty simple.

The Left HAS to portray this as a good-versus-evil conflict. They know that if this becomes a contest between conflicting ideas, theirs will be crushed.

But if they can convince enough people that we are the bad guys, they just campaign on a promise to protect the people from big, bad Conservatives.

Where does that get us? Well, when we finally win… enough of the public actually believe every scary story told about us, and they need counseling and safe spaces.

The less timid among them will run riot in the streets to show their rage.

And why? Because our ‘journalists’ and ‘media’ have trained them to be afraid. By lying.

As one fed-up Leftist said it, being offended doesn’t work anymore.

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