WATCH: Tucker Carlson Whups Ass On ‘Journalist’ Smearing Sessions As A ‘RACIST’

Written by K. Walker on November 19, 2016

‘Surely’ Roll Call columnist, Jonathan Allen, wouldn’t be making unfounded accusations of Jeff Sessions being a white supremacist… ‘surely’ not…

Does the Lib-left media wonder why they are now less popular than scurvy? THIS is why.

Maybe wrongfully connecting a politician to Stormfront is a bad idea.

Would Sessions re-segregate the armed forces?

This is an actual question Jonathan Allen — blowhard media (D) — thought it was important to ask. Actually, he didn’t even ASK the question. He said ‘SURELY he wouldn’t re-segregate the armed forces.’

This is how you plant a seed of doubt without taking responsibility of asking the question directly. It’s journalistic activism. It’s why traditional media is less popular than syphilis.

Tucker rightly calls him out for fear-mongering.

With 25% of his constituents in Alabama being black, Tucker asks Allen this question:

Can you name a single instance in the 19 years that he was Senator that you can point to as evidence of racism?

Allen: [backpedaling] …’I don’t think I called him racist’

Tucker Carlson: ‘You called racist like nine times in the column!’ I’m asking you what’s the evidence of his racism, and you don’t have one. … ‘This is totally a hack job!’

Tucker Carlson..?

Thank you sir. Very well done.

You said this is a slur against Sessions. You are right.

It’s about time the semi-anonymous hacks with keyboards and a big platform have to defend the ideas they spew to a population that — for too long — has simply accepted them as fact.

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