WATCH: The University Of Pittsburgh Gives EXTRA CREDIT To Students Who PROTEST Trump

Published on November 23, 2016

Do you wonder ‘higher learning’ what those enormous college tuitions pay for? Have a look.

It used to be that college was where you were exposed to grand themes and big ideas. Taught the foundations of the various streams of thought that lead to what we find in today’s culture. Where at the very least, you were exposed to new and different ideas.

Remember… they are protesting AGAINST THE RESULTS OF AN ELECTION. Becuase ‘the peaceful transition of power’ is something that the Liberals believed strongly in… until November 8.

What do YOU see in this clip? Broad exposure to dissenting ideas?

Nope. Now ‘higher’ education has now devolved to a process where professors actively indoctranate students into a belief system that mirrors their own.

For credit. (Wasn’t that once called ‘brainwashing’?)

Because ‘tolerance’ and diversity.

Of eveything but thought.

NO WONDER these college kids freak out when they find someone who disagrees with them.

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